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Nov 6, 2013 BY Joy McCarthy

9 Healthy Gluten, Dairy & Sugar-free Snack Ideas

I know you are busy between your career, school, kids, family and the list goes on of possibilities that make your life full, and at times feeling out of control. This means you might often go long periods of time without eating or alternatively, choose foods that give you a temporary false energy boost (ie. the evil sugar – you know, those leftover Halloween candies at the office calling your name?). 

A common theme I see with busy people like yourself is:

  • You've ran out of healthy and fast snack ideas
  • You don't have time to make snacks
  • You aren't sure what a healthy snack is.

All of these are reasonable excuses why you've not been having joyous healthy snacks. So what if I told you I have snack ideas that are fast, healthy and delicious? Yes!

The majority of these recipes can be made faster than you can sing the Happy Birthday Song! For those you need to bake just set aside some time on the weekend to batch cook.

The best part? All these snack ideas are FREE of gluten, dairy and sugar – in other words – FREE from tummy troubles! Woohoo!

9 Healthy Snack Ideas

1. Pumpkin Spice Smoothie

Smoothies aren't just for breakfast. You can enjoy them as a snack too! A half size portion is perfect. Or make the full recipe and save the other half for later on. 

2. Healthy Dip & Veggies

Chop up your favourite raw vegetables and enjoy with 2 - 4tbsp of hummus or my Creamy Cashew Dip from my second book, Joyous Detox. If you eat store-bought hummus, just make sure to read the ingredients and avoid brands that have any ingredients that don't belong in hummus. Try mySweet Potato Hummus!

3. Chewy Chocolate Chip Tahini Oatmeal Cookies

Two of these delicious Chewy Chocolate Chip Tahini Cookieswould be perfect as a snack with a piece of fruit like an apple. They are perfect with a warm cup of Joyous Detox Tea!

4. Coconut Yogurt Parfait

You don't have to eat this Coconut Yogurt Parfaitout of a fancy wine glass, but don't let me stop you from that either! You can easily toss all ingredients into a small glass container and take it to work. Recipe is: 1/4 cup frozen wild blueberries, 1/4 cup of your favourite granola (make sure the sugar is under 10g per serving) 1/2 cup homemade coconut yogurt.

5. Chocolate Bark

Chocolate as a snack? Heck yes! This Chocolate Bark isn't your ordinary Kit-Kat bar my dear, this is an incredible superfood that is raw, organic, wild, heirloom mix it with some almonds and bring it to work!

6. Rosemary Buckwheat Chia Crackers

This is my go-to super quick snack and the recipe is so easy! I love dressing these Rosemary Buckwheat Chia Crackers with 1/2 avocado finely sliced, 2 tbsp hemp seeds (aka hearts), sliced tomato, sea salt, drizzle of olive oil, dash of cayenne. Just layer and enjoy!

7. Guacamole Deviled Eggs

Most people think of deviled eggs being only for appetizers at a dinner party but they are great to have prepared as a healthy fat and protein-rich snack that you can grab at any time!

8. Protein Blondie Squares

One of these Protein Blondie Squaresas a snack is perfectly fulfilling and yummy. This is a snack the kids will love too.!

9. Joyful Smoothie

For a snack, half size portion is perfect. Or, make the full smoothie and save the other half for later on. I love this recipe for Uber Creamy Raspberry Smoothie!

I really hope these ideas inspire you to healthier snacking. I promise when you eat these kinds of snacks you will have far better digestion, energy and a good metabolism boost as compared to your cookies or chips.

Have a joyous day!


What are your favourite snacks? Share below!

Nov 6, 2013 BY Joy McCarthy
Liz Stark   •   November 7, 2013

Excellent snack choices! Of course I'm most partial to #5 and #8 ;)


Christine   •   November 9, 2013

Thanks Joy. NEEDED THIS!


Phil   •   November 14, 2013

My super fast go to snack is celery or cucumber slices with sunflower seed butter (used to be peanut butter, but I've switched because of the whole aflatoxin thing, which may not be a big deal, but why not be on the safe side right?). For a real treat, I'll substitute fruits like apple, pear or peach for the veggies.


Smith Taylor   •   November 27, 2013

This sounds like a delicious snack. Excellent snack choices! I like most macadamia nuts


Juan Carlo   •   January 27, 2014

Hi Joy, Thanks for sharing! I really loved Hemp Seed Avo Crackers and No Bake Chocolate Chip Protein Bars. I tried it last week and my entire family loves it as well. Anyway, can I make a request? I found this article and they mentioned great main dishes, but it doesn't have recipes and instructions. Can I ask for the recipe and instruction on how to do it? Thanks! Here's the article: http://juancarlothecaterer.com/blog/eating-healthier-2014-main/


Joyous Health   •   February 2, 2014

[…] what’s on top of the hot chocolate? Giddy Yoyo Mint Chocolate — my fave chocolate on planet earth. It’s raw, wild, heirloom, organic chocolate. […]


Nikki Nielsen   •   October 22, 2017

I would really like to see these recipes, but they are not working!!

Rachel Molenda   •   October 23, 2017

Leyan   •   August 29, 2018

Hi is there anyway to get the recipe for the pumpkin smoothy?

Rachel Molenda   •   August 30, 2018

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