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5 Foods To Ditch From Your Kitchen Now!

Hello my joyous reader!I just appeared on the Steven and Chris Show yesterday talking about 5 foods to ditch from your kitchen now! And of course, I've got
Jan 16, 2014 | Joy McCarthy

Hello my joyous reader!

I just appeared on the Steven and Chris Show yesterday talking about 5 foods to ditch from your kitchen now! And of course, I've got you covered with healthy swaps.

There is a more extensive list of foods to ditch and healthy substitutions on page 126 and 127 in my book, Joyous Health! I also have some older videos of foods to ditch from your kitchen on my youtube channel.

Here are a few more foods to ditch and what to replace them with.

Ditch: Ketchup

Replace with: Salsa because ketchup is mostly refined sugar. Check the label because many store-bought salsas can have a lot of additives too. Better yet, make your own! Chop up some tomato, red onion, avocado and sprinkle with sea salt and drizzle with lime juice -- voila!

Ditch: Take out or frozen pizza

Replace with: Make your own pizza of course. It's super easy. Plenty of pizza recipes right here and a very very delicious recipe in my book on page 246. Unless it's take out from a good quality pizza place like Pizza Libretto then I suggest you ditch it.

Ditch: Margarine

Replace with: Organic butter of course! Coconut oil would also make a great option. Margarine is often made with GMO-soybean oil (grossly disgusting!) and various other ingredients that should not be in your body. Put it this way, if it can't grow mold after sitting on your counter for a few days, it's not real food. Also, the margarine's marketed as having "olive oil" are not a healthy substitute. Have you noticed the olive oil is liquid, not solid? This means the oil has been highly processed. Stick to the real stuff and ditch the margarine.

Have fun cleaning out your kitch and have a joyous day!


Jan 16, 2014 BY Joy McCarthy
Robert van Beers   •   January 21, 2014

Hi there Joy! I hope your talk at Branksome was a success (I haven't asked Ella yet). Thanks your your newsletter and tips, they're much appreciated. Keep up the great work!!


Linda McGuire   •   January 18, 2015

Saw you on Stephen and Chris and enjoyed the show - I love watching Canadian television, I am a Canadian living in Clearwater Florida for the last 15 years and the Canadian shows remind me of home (Toronto). Will look for your alerts on my email - and I want to purchase your "Smooth Like Butta" so you will be hearing from me.


kenishia a.   •   October 23, 2017

Hey Joy! I really enjoyed reading this article and looking at your YouTube page about what foods to ditch for the real stuff!😃 I just got threw cleaning out a lot of the foods that are not good. When I go shopping I can start fresh. Thank u for all this. I needed it and it really helps me to eat better.😉

Rachel Molenda   •   October 25, 2017

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