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Get Toxins Out, Get Nourishment In!

Guest Post By: Kathrin BrunnerWe all take care to put the best in our bodies. We choose the healthy option at the restaurant, read the backs of labels in th
Jan 20, 2014 | Kathrin Brunner

Guest Post By: Kathrin Brunner

We all take care to put the best in our bodies. We choose the healthy option at the restaurant, read the backs of labels in the grocery store and do our best to put fresh and delicious meals on our plates.

But what about what goes ON our bodies? The largest organ you have is your skin and what you put ON your skin, ends up IN your body.

According to Environmental Defence, the average Canadian has been exposed to over 100 toxic ingredients before they’ve had breakfast! These toxins have been linked to infertility, birth defects, allergies and cancer and they’re hiding in our personal care products.

Have you ever thought about pouring a out a big spoonful of your body lotion and swallowing it? Probably not, but the point is, you should be able to without it causing you harm. Most commercial body lotions and creams contain a host of toxic additives that stabilize, emulsify, thicken, fragrance or act as preservatives. Harmful phthalates and parabens wreak havoc on our hormones, artificial fragrances and preservatives irritate our skin. Want something you can feel good about putting on your spoon, I mean, skin?

I’ve carefully formulated Joy’s body butter to contain only the best natural ingredients. Creamy cocoa butter, soft mango butter, nourishing shea butter, soothing coconut oil, decadent sweet almond oil and hydrating grapeseed oil. Safe for spoons, excellent for skin!

  • Cocoa butter is used to moisturize and heal the skin, rich in antioxidants to prevent skin damage.
  • Mango butter can soften even the driest skin and helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, scars and stretch marks.
  • Shea butter is rich in vitamins A and D to protect the skin from damage and heal skin irritations.
  • Coconut oil is a wonderful moisturizer with natural antibacterial properties.
  • Sweet almond oil nourishes, softens and moisturizes while adding a lovely natural scent.
  • Grapeseed oil is rich in antioxidants to repair and tone the skin and is therapeutic for eczema and dermatitis.

These butters and oils are blended together and whipped into creamy clouds, Smooth Like Butta, will deeply nourish and hydrate your skin. No chemical additives, nothing you can’t stick on your spoon!

If you’re in Toronto and would like to learn how to make your own body butter at home, come to our DIY Decadent Bodycare Workshop. We’ll teach you how to make body butters, facial toner, clay masks and exfoliating scrubs. Find out more, here.

You can get our all-natural, organic "Smooth Like Butta" in the JOYOUS SHOP

Guest Post By: Kathrin Brunner, RYT, CNP, Ba (Hons), is a Toronto-based Nutritionist and Yoga Teacher. She has a passion for holistic living and helping others create a balanced lifestyle through food and movement. She works one-on-one with clients, offers a variety of workshops, and creates a line of natural products. When she’s not on her mat or in her kitchen, she’s probably in the woods knee-deep in an adventure. Check out her upcoming workshops and services at,

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Katrina   •   February 4, 2014

I've been making my own body moisturizer for over a year now and I will never go back! A simple lotion bar of cocoa and/or shea butter, beeswax, and grapeseed oil feels amazing, and I find I have to moisturize far less often for much softer skin. I'm glad you posted this because a lot of people don't think about what they're slathering on their largest organ.


Joanna Barker   •   October 1, 2014

Hi Joy, I've been looking for natural face wash and moisturizer. I am wondering if you have any suggestions. Thanks, Joanna

Kate McDonald Walker   •   October 1, 2014

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