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It's Not Fat that Makes You Fat.

This is an interesting study -- Finally! It's not fat that makes you fat. "Researchers looked at data on nearly 90,000 men and women from six different coun
Dec 15, 2009 | Joy McCarthy

This is an interesting study -- Finally! It's not fat that makes you fat.

"Researchers looked at data on nearly 90,000 men and women from six different countries. Participants were followed for up to 10 years. Analyses that accounted for several factors found no relationship between how much weight people gained and how much fat they ate, or their intake of polyunsaturated fats versus saturated fats." Reuters Dec 11, 2009

90,000 is a good amount of study participants from which to draw sound conclusions from. This is good news because the average person is "fat-phobic". Eating fat at every meal and snack (choosing more "good" fat) is a sure fire way to LOSE weight. However, you do need good fat from a health perspective, to allow your cells to be permeable enough to push toxins out and allow nutrients in.

Good sources of fat:

Nuts, seeds, nut butters (excluding peanuts)



Olives and olive oil

Cheese (in moderation)

Kefir, organic yogurt (in moderation)

Flax seed oil and ground flax seeds

Chia seeds (Milled or ground)

Organic butter (in moderation)

Organic coconut oil

Bad Fats:

All hydrogenated oils

Margarine (even if the label states it is made from olive oil -- it's still highly processed to the point of losing all the beneficial properties of the oil)

Soy, corn and safflower oils

Cottonseed oil

Canola oil

All fats heated to very high temperatures in processing and frying

Dec 15, 2009 BY Joy McCarthy
pookito   •   December 15, 2009

thanks for your post. I did not know that soy, corn, cottonseed and canola oil were bad. I agree to the fact that not eating fat does not make you overweight but eating hydrogenated oils will. I will have to dig a little more for that. Anyways, thank you for the post. It was interesting. :D


Kris |   •   December 15, 2009

Great Post Doll!! I love avocados and I stay away from all oils except EVOO and Organic Virigin Coconut oil! The rest are so horrible for you. I am so glad I found your blog, I love it! XXOO


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joyous fan   •   January 26, 2010

Then which oil do you specifically recommend for cooking?

joyousness   •   January 26, 2010

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