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What's In My Organics Delivery Box - Video

Hello Joyous Reader!As I was travelling the past couple of months to various health food stores in Ontario and then more recently out West I met many people
Mar 22, 2014 | Joy McCarthy

Hello Joyous Reader!

As I was travelling the past couple of months to various health food stores in Ontario and then more recently out West I met many people who originally found JOYOUS HEALTH from my YouTube channel. Everyone always mentions my old "what's in my grocery bag" videos that I used to film from home quite often.

Since you love them so much and asked me to do some more, I listened and here is a video of what was in my organic delivery box this past week. I get my groceries delivered from Organics Live. This is only produce, so I still go grocery shopping for other items but this is super convenient and the produce is always stellar!

I do recommend you purchase organic fruits and veggies when possible for the dirty dozen to avoid pesticides that mimic estrogen and negatively impact your health. If you've heard me speak before, you know that one of the main changes to my diet I made several years ago was to choose organic more often.

Here's the vid, enjoy!

Are there any topics you would like to see me talk about on YouTube? Please write below!

 Have a joyous day!


Ps. The countdown is on until my book comes out in the U.S. but you can pre-order it now from Amazon.

Mar 22, 2014 BY Joy McCarthy
Tanya   •   March 25, 2014

Great video Joy! Just curious what is the price of your food box? Thanks!


Joanna   •   April 1, 2014

Do they deliver to condos?

Joy McCarthy   •   April 3, 2014

Nicole   •   April 4, 2014

What size is your food box? I'm interested in doing this and not sure what size to pick.


Marc   •   April 6, 2014

Joy, you're awesome. Tanya we have plans starting at $37, and Joanna - we deliver to condos all the time! Here's a promo code for friends of Joy to get 10% off, if anyone wants to give it a try...:) FRIENDSOFJOY Enjoy! Marc


Kristen   •   April 14, 2014

Hi! Do they have this option in the available in the US by chance? Thanks!!

Joy McCarthy   •   April 23, 2014

Lynne Ternosky   •   April 1, 2015

Recently I was diagnosed with Diabetes 2. I also have gluten and soy free diet and Lactose intolerance. This is getting complicated for me. My focus right now with the doctor is to reduce bad carbohydrates in my diet while on a pensioners income. I am willing to learn new recipes. Can you help me?

Kate McDonald Walker   •   April 1, 2015

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