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The Best Food Guide: Your Intuition

Guest Blog Post By: Susanne MuellerIntuition is a very mysterious thing. We all have it and it is constantly speaking its to us. But rarely do we honor the
Apr 2, 2014 | Joy McCarthy

Guest Blog Post By: Susanne Mueller

Intuition is a very mysterious thing. We all have it and it is constantly speaking its to us. But rarely do we honor the intelligence that it holds or the answers it reveals to our longing questions.

Rather than listening, we look outside – towards something a little more tangible, a little more evidential, a little more ‘proven.’ So often we ignore our very own loving and all-knowing wisdom and instead do what we think we should do. 

If we make decisions from a place of fear, they tend to be ones that may not support our true needs and desires. And therefore not bring us closer to how we truly want to feel, be, or look.

When we pause and truly ask ourselves a question with no agenda or preconceived perspective, our bodies respond clearly – and with our best interest in mind. Your intuition wants what is best for you and it knows how to bring you there. 

How do you connect to your intuition?

There are many ways. You can journal, meditate, breathe, do yoga or read a book about it. For me, the best way was to feel the totality of all my feelings – not pushing them aside, not negating their importance, not stuffing them down. 

Intuition speaks through how you feel and those feelings can be your best guide to your dream health. 

Ask your body what IT wants to eat, ask how it wants to be nourished. You might be surprised with the response. It might not even involve food. Maybe you need a nap, maybe you need a glass of water, maybe you need a hug.

Once we ease into ourselves, the truth starts to stand out. Our path becomes clearer. Decisions about what to eat ease away from that battle between body and mind and become an easy and effortless dance. 

You start to enjoy what you are eating, how you are eating, why you are eating because you know these decisions are coming from a place that you deeply trust inside yourself. 


Apr 2, 2014 BY Joy McCarthy
Isabelle   •   April 2, 2014

That little article spoke to me loudly... thank you Joyous Health!


Amyris   •   April 13, 2014

Great post! it really resonates with me. Since I started listening to my body more, I feel way better. Oddly enough I have this craving for greens which are very detoxifying. I guess my body knows is time to detox and spring is here...


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