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Top 3 Green Beauty Essentials for the Gym

By Guest Blogger: Seanna CohenI make workouts a regular part of my weekly schedule because I recognize the incredible benefits they have to my health and ov
Jun 23, 2014 | Seanna Cohen

By Guest Blogger: Seanna Cohen

I make workouts a regular part of my weekly schedule because I recognize the incredible benefits they have to my health and overall wellness (and beach body, of course). I always have two problems though every time I go to the gym: my bag is way too heavy, and I am always pressed for time. If you’re like me, here are three green beauty essentials that will keep you looking your best while saving you time in the change room, and precious space in your gym bag!

Jojoba Oil

It’s always a ‘must’ to remove your makeup before a workout, but save yourself the trouble and leave the three-step cleansing system at home! Instead, bring a small bottle of 100% pure jojoba oil with you and use it as a makeup remover, cleanser, and moisturizer. Jojoba oil has a low comedogenic rating of two and is actually quite similar to the skin’s natural oil; meaning that it won’t clog your pores and makes it the perfect oil for all skin types.

Yarok- Feed Your Ends

If you’re strapped for time –trying to fit in a workout at lunch or after work –you don’t always have time to wash and style your hair. Yarok’s ‘Feed Your Ends’, a leave-in conditioner made from a blend of nourishing oils like olive, grape seed, and apricot, is a fantastic multi-tasking product to stow in your gym bag! After the shower, spray a little in your hair to refresh and tame frizz (especially in the summer), or if you do have time to style, use it as a silicone free heat protector.

Witch Hazel toner

After sweating up a storm and wearing tight (often synthetic) clothing, skin can get congested. Keep a small spray bottle with witch hazel and some clarifying essential oils on hand. Tea tree oil is a great choice for its antiseptic properties, but it can be harsh on sensitive skin and strong smelling (the last thing you want in a packed yoga class). An alternative that I love to use is Graydon’s ‘Germs Away’, which is a blend of anti-microbial essential oils like clove, lavender, and eucalyptus. To make your own spray, pour pure distilled witch hazel into a small glass bottle and add 5-10 drops of pure essential oil of your choosing.

Witch hazel is a natural astringent, which makes this spray excellent to use on your chest or back after a workout—especially if you are prone to breakouts or can’t take a shower right away. It’s also great to have on hand as a mild disinfectant and deodorizer (no one wants to be the stinky person in the gym!), and when used on its own (without essential oils) it can help soothe razor burn, rashes, and even reduce swelling or bruising. It’s an all around beauty workhorse!

beauty routine for women   •   July 7, 2014

Conditions, such as rosacea and acne, clear up and make the way to better looking skin. It is recommended though to use yellow-based products as it will look much more normal than other tones such as pink. A large curling iron can do the same trick and leave some wave in your hair.


Katrina   •   October 3, 2014

I made my own witch hazel spray to use after the gym with tea tree and lavender essential oils, it really makes my skin feel nice after spritzing it on! Thank you for the tip!


Jackie   •   July 10, 2015

Hello, Where can I find Yarok brand in Canada? Even Ontario? Thank you for the information!

Kate McDonald Walker   •   July 10, 2015

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