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Eat Well Feel Well: 4 Tips for Joyous Health This Week

Good day lovely readers of my blog,Today in our Eat Well Feel Well class I spoke about how sleep, stress and sex impacts your overall health and well-being.
Feb 7, 2010 | Joy McCarthy

Good day lovely readers of my blog,

Today in our Eat Well Feel Well class I spoke about how sleep, stress and sex impacts your overall health and well-being. The yoga portion of the class was challenging, yet rewarding as we each balanced and came close to our personal "edge".

Each week I provide a thought provoking take-home sheet with 4 challenges. This week, I'm sharing them with you because they are so important if you want to move your body to it's most optimal state of well-being. Most people are okay with feeling "okay". I challenge you to not be "okay" with this. As health is not merely the absence of disease, as you will see I talk about this a lot in person and on my blog. Health is feeling fabulous most days of the week, feeling confident and making good food choices.

These are my challenges, I hope you try them out and let me know how you feel!

Identify people or situations that bring you Sleep – this one is an easy task! Get to bed by 11pm at least 3 times for the next 7 days. Notice how much better you feel the next day. Even going to bed 15 minutes earlier than you normally do will have a huge impact on your health, well-being and appetite controlling hormones.

Avoid using the TV or your computer 1.5 hours before bed. Instead read, meditate, listen to relaxing music to calm your central nervous system.

If you have low sex drive, focus on eating foods that increase your libido . Identify these foods and how they make you feel in your food journal.

Oh and if you are anywhere in Canada freezing your butt off today, here's a soup recipe to warm you from your toes to your nose that is healthy and deliciously joyous! BUTTERNUT SQUASH PEAR SOUP.

Warmest wishes today and always,


Feb 7, 2010 BY Joy McCarthy
Sarah   •   February 7, 2010

Love your 4 tips Joy! I live in Toronto and I'm definitely interested in taking your course with my best friend Jen. We could certainly use the help. Living on my own, it's hard to get motivated to cook much, so do you think your course would help?

joyousness   •   February 7, 2010

Liz   •   February 7, 2010

Sleep is a really tough one for me because I often work evenings and then come home and eat right before bed. On evenings I work, I don't have the best sleep because my belly is so full and then I'm not hungry in the morning. What should I eat before bed? I'm interested in your course too...

joyousness   •   February 7, 2010

Sammy   •   February 7, 2010

My cousin is in your course and she has been raving on about it! I love your blog and your tips. Thanks for being so joyous. I will be coming here often. Thanks Joy!


Carlos   •   February 7, 2010

Hi joy, I found you through your healthy tweets on twitter and I really enjoy your advice. I was wondering if your course is open to guys as well?

joyousness   •   February 8, 2010

Vaishali Parekh   •   February 8, 2010

Very true Joy. Health is a state of the mind. Our body and mind should work in perfect unison to achieve peak performance in whatever we do.That should be our goal. To achieve that optimum level we should definitely follow what you keep on suggesting. I too have come up with a body warming drink called 'Kadha'. Try it out and feel the kick in your butt.


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