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5 Natural Solutions for Dry Skin

Understand the causes of dry skin and become a glowy dewy diva with my five natural solutions for dry skin.
Mar 4, 2022 | Joy McCarthy

Even though warmer weather is just around the corner, dry skin is still an annoyance for many people this time of year. Until at least early summer, people continually complain of dry skin on their face and body.

What Causes Dry Skin?

When your skin loses oil and water, it becomes dry. This can happen for a variety of reasons:

  • Lack of adequate hydration
  • Lack of omega-3 essential fatty acids
  • Poor diet and food allergies
  • Topical products that strip the natural oil barrier function of the skin especially those with heavy surfactants such as SLS (provides a foaming action but strips oil away from the skin).
  • Overwashing the skin.
  • Aging skin: As women age, hormonal changes such as declining estrogen lead to dry skin
  • Environmental conditions: dry air or cold air

The challenge with resorting to prescription creams such as cortisone is that they don't address the root cause of your dry skin and make the skin worse by thinning the skin and altering the skin microbiome. They are not a long term solution.

I have compiled some tips that I know first hand work to help you combat the dryness and become a dewy glowy goddess.


5 Natural Solutions for Dry Skin

1. Avoid hot showers

I know this is an obvious one, but hot water and soap strips away the lipid (oil) layer of your skin barrier.

Your skin maintains its strength and elasticity from its water and oil content. This is what keeps skin looking fresh and vibrant.

Strip away those natural oils and you are left with dull skin due to dry skin.

Add a harsh soap to hot water and you make matters worse. Don't let those well-marketed body washes fool you! Nearly all body washes that have foaming action are made with an industrial strength chemical that can clean machinery called SLS. Not so nice for keeping your glowing skin on your face and body.

2. Eat your fats

Your outside (skin, nails, hair) is a reflection of the inside health of your body. Fat helps to provide moisture for the skin. Eat plenty of healthy fats such as salmonavocado , nuts and seeds, nut butters, extra-virgin olive oil, flax oil and so on. BONUS: Many of these foods also help to reduce inflammation and this can be a root cause of dry skin as well. You may want to consider supplementation.

I personally take an omega 3 fish oil and GLA supplement every single day because it has far reaching benefits then just skin healthy. I highly recommend you do too!

3. Eat your hydration

You already know you need to drink water because your body's composition is mostly water, in fact up to 70%. However, with the changing of the seasons you may naturally eat less raw fruits and vegetables and more cooked or dehydrated food. This means less hydration for your cells.

Snack on some raw foods including pears and apples which are both in season and vegetables such as leafy greens. If you eat dried fruits, rehydrate them in water. Prunes are an excellent digestive-friendly food that can be super hydrating if you pop them in a mason jar filled with filtered water overnight. They will be plump and juicy by the morning! Here is a wonderful drink that is super hydrating and great for the skin because it also has collagen. (See my trick for helping you drink more water).

4. Forget Exfoliating in the shower, dry skin brush!

I've been talking about dry skin brushing here on Joyous Health since I graduated as a holistic nutritionist in 2009. Why? Because it works!

Dry skin brushing is an absolutely fantastic way to brush your skin to beauty.

Dead skin cells and poor circulation make your skin look drab and dull. Dry skin brushing sloughs off those deads skin cells and livens up your complexion by drawing circulation to the skin's surface. Your skin is your largest organ of detoxification making this daily joyous habit an essential detox habit.


5. Slather your Skin with Body Butter

It still shocks me the plethora of chemicals in personal care products on the market today. Many of them include ingredients that cause opposite of what you want -- moisturized, glowing skin (despite their marketing messages)! This is why we have a joyous line of clean and truly moisturizing products. Before I started using our Body Butter I had to moisturize mulitple times per day in the winter. I used plain coconut oil which is clean of course, but it does not deeply penetrate the skin to moisturize and pretty much sits on top till it rubs off.

I've been using our Body Butter for several years because it keeps my skin stay well moisturized and incredibly smooth and of course. I love it so very much, it's the only thing my whole family use. Plus, there's no ingredient you can't stick on a spoon, not that you want to eat it.

Have a joyous day!



Amanda   •   October 16, 2014

Lovely article, I have been taking my omega-3 for just a few days and already notice a difference. No new acne (which I find gets worse with my dry winter skin) and I have really been focusing on reducing my coffee and loving mass amounts of water and herbal teas! Thanks, Joy!

Joy McCarthy   •   October 16, 2014

Sarah   •   October 16, 2014

Hi Joy, I'm wondering if you can recommend any face wash/face moisturiser that is good for colder months as well? I have sensitive skin that breaks out easily and also gets REALLY dry in the winter... I will definitely follow your tips above as well but appreciate your recos! Thanks :)

Joy McCarthy   •   October 16, 2014

Laura   •   October 16, 2014

Hi Joy! Thank-you for this posting! What brand of soap or body wash do you recommend for the shower?

Joy McCarthy   •   October 17, 2014

Beth johnson   •   October 20, 2014

Great tips :) I love dry brushing! It had made such a difference in my dry skin! You are such an inspiration<3


Kitchen Scale   •   October 21, 2014

You are beautiful and you inspired your readers with your article. Great post!


Ken   •   November 4, 2014

Hi Joy, Is there a certain type or brand of fish oil you recommend? Thanks for the great article! Ken

Kate McDonald Walker   •   November 4, 2014

Stephanie   •   January 21, 2015

Hey joy! I am wondering if you use a facial cleanser and what your nightime beauty routine is. I need help! Steph

Kate McDonald Walker   •   January 21, 2015

Samantha Forbes   •   May 20, 2019

Hi Joy, I try to drink more water and as a result, I have frequent urination and still notice that my skin is really dry. Any suggestions? Thank you, Sam

Joy McCarthy   •   May 21, 2019

samantha   •   May 22, 2019

Thank you so much for responding. I've been long concerned with the amount of EFAs I am getting. My main sources are from avocado, the occasional sardines, cashew nuts and fish along with my daily Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega supplements. But with having this dry skin, dry scalp and keratosis pilaris, I suspected I needed more. I had reduced my animal protein intake to fish only for a few years now but, recently I had a burger and I realized that I didn't have the frequent urination as I normally do. I figured there was something to note there. Maybe it had the sodium my body required as you suggested. I have taken note of the 2 posts you recommended and I will be incorporating more fats stat. Is there another supplement you would recommend in addition to the Vitamin D so I can maximize my intake? I ask because I really don't see a difference with the Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega that I have been taking for years now. Thank you, Sam


Olivia   •   August 30, 2022

Hi Joy, Can you recommend a face moisturizer for dry skin in the winter? Thank you kindly

Joy McCarthy   •   August 30, 2022

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