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How To Dry Skin Brush: Video

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I love dry skin brushing, especially in the winter. It is invigorating and helps my skin (which is naturally dry) G-L-O-W.

I've had many clients over the years become a dry-skin-brushing-lover because it's benefits are those you can actually see and feel!

To convince you further, you've gotta read about the manybenefits of dry skin brushing from detoxification to glowing skin ! Here's my latest video on how to use your dry skin brush.

As mentioned in my video, you have lymph nodes all around your body. Here is a visual so you know exactly where they are located on your body when you dry skin brush.

Dry skin brushing is one of the few ways to stimulate flow of the lymph system. Be sure to spend a little more time brushing where your lymph nodes are located. When you dry skin brush your breasts, as you are brushing in a circulation motion go towards the armpit to stimulate lymphatic drainage of your breasts. Learn more here.

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As you've probably read in my book loving body scan . Dry skin brushing gives you an opportunity to do it at the same time. Taking time for self-care is a wonderful way to love yourself. When you take time for you, you will find that you are more loving and kind towards others which is like a mirror and will be reflected right back to you!

And lastly, if you are wondering what dry skin brush I use, it's the one in the joyous shop! :)

dry brush

You can get it in our SHOP or in various health stores.

And once you've dry brushed your body, slather yourself with my Smooth Like Body Butta -- the only thing I use on my body or my daughter's body.

Joy xo

Liz S.   •   December 21, 2014

Excellent video/tutorial! I've been dry-brushing for a few years now, and it's definitely a great, effective way to detox.

Joy McCarthy   •   December 21, 2014

Ann Scargill   •   December 22, 2014

Thanks Joy, I had bought a dry skin brush but wasn't completely sure how to use it, now I know! Ann


Lisa Mak   •   December 23, 2014

I've always wanted to try dry brushing. If I'm in a rush in the mornings, is it okay to speed it up a little? Say, to reduce the 5-minute brushing to 2 minutes?

Kate McDonald Walker   •   December 23, 2014

Dana J   •   December 29, 2014

Silly question! But if you 'dry brush' in the shower how is this different in ability to stimulate and detox lymph?

Kate McDonald Walker   •   December 30, 2014

manzarm   •   January 1, 2015

very nice and beautiful tips regarding skin.


Tanya M   •   January 7, 2015

Great video! How do you clean a dry skin brush? Do you clean it after every use? Thanks!

Joy McCarthy   •   January 8, 2015

Seeza   •   April 6, 2015

I am very amazed at what you have informed with this article. You have discussed a very precious article. It is nice and outstanding.


K K   •   May 12, 2015

Is dry skin okay to do if you have psoriasis?

Kate McDonald Walker   •   May 12, 2015

Dana   •   February 25, 2016

Hi Joy! The dry skin brush just came in the mail today! I am so excited to use it! I was wondering about cleaning it and the maintenance of it, frequency of replacing it etc. Is there a post on your blog answering this, or a resource you could point me to? Thanks!!!

Kate McDonald Walker   •   February 29, 2016

Marie-Andree   •   August 2, 2017

How often should I wash my dry brush and how?

Rachel Molenda   •   August 3, 2017

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