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Natural Deodorant That Works!

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I'm really joyous to announce we now have natural deodorant sticks that are Ecocert Canada certified to add to our line up of personal care essentials!!

Over here are joyous health, we are fiercely committed to providing products that are kind to your body and kind to the environment we call home. Because what you put on your body, gets IN your body and what you toss in the garbage becomes part of our planet.

This means our deos are FREE FROM CHEMICALS: non-gmo, vegan, not tested on animals, gluten-free and biodegradable.

Additionally, our deos are FREE FROM:

  • PEG
  • Parabens
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Alcohol or Ethanol
  • Synthetic Fragrance

 Find out what's in our deo here.

I started to realize the impact products had on my health just over 10 years ago. One of the significant changes I made to balance my hormones was to get rid of products with ingredients mentioned above. Why did I do this? Because what goes on your skin is absorbed into your body. Your skin is your largest organ. While you might think it's a shield from chemicals, it's actually like a sponge. This is why moisturizer absorbs so nicely into dry skin. Now think about your pits! Especially if you apply deo right after shaving. You absorb those chemicals and your breasts are a very fatty organ just next to your pits. Toxins like to settle in fat cells. It's certainly NO coincidence scientists discovered parabens in breast cancers cells years ago.

Many people do not realize the impact products used on a daily basis have on your health. Some scientists argue that the hormone disrupting and petroleum based ingredients in that conventional deodorant you use is harmless because the amount is microscopic. But what these very same scientists cannot dispute is the toxic accumulation over a lifetime and use of multiple products with various chemical ingredients all adds up. The average woman consumes (as in, eats) 7lbs, yes, SEVEN pounds of lipstick in her lifetime -- yikes!

We already know that aluminum accumulates in the brain. So take a stand and don't put aluminum based deos on your pits! Keep your brain healthy and joyous.

I totally hear you that many natural products just don't work the same as the conventional chemical-filled counterparts. This is why I'm so excited to now have deodorant sticks that keep your pits stink-free. They work. They've been stink-proof tested on burly men and passed with flying colours! This is thanks to clinically proven sage extract that kills bacteria and prevents you from getting smelly. They are made with LOVE in Canada by our friends at Green Beaver Company.

Don't worry, we will still have our natural deodorant cream! These sticks are great for sensitive skin so if you were bothered by the baking soda in our deo cream, you'll have joyous pits with the sticks. You can check them out in our shop here!

Have a joyous day!


Barb   •   January 22, 2015

Good morning - do your deodorant sticks prevent wetness. My daughter has a problem with odour and wetness. Trying to find natural products for her to use to help with both of these issues. Look forward to hearing back. Barb

Kate McDonald Walker   •   January 22, 2015
Joy McCarthy   •   January 22, 2015

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