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Mar 2, 2015 BY Joy McCarthy

2015 Dirty Dozen & Shopping Organic on a Budget

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Every year the Kale is very hardy and easy to grow, same with tomatoes,cucumber, green beans, snap peas,squash and more.

3. Buy Supersize.

While I'm not a fan of massive stores like Costco and Walmart, I do appreciate they make organic more affordable to the masses. Of course I always prefer supporting local and independent businesses personally, but if you have a big family to feed then that tub or organic coconut oil for $25 that lasts you 6 months is pretty gosh darn attractive. Also, stores in Canada such as Winners and Homesense often have a food section. I've found hemp hearts , coconut sugar , coconut flakes and coconut flour for much cheaper and they are brands that I love.

4. Make Your Own Food.

Granola is one such breakfast food that is drying up your wallet. I've seen granola brands sell for as much as $11.99 and you're lucky if you get 7 days of breakfasts out of that for one person. I only have two people to feed (Walker and I) but even still, more often then not I make my own granola with the best ingredients and it's about half the cost. Try my Cranberry Ginger Granola . Or instead of buying organic baked goods from your favourite health food store, make them yourself. I've got many wonderful baked goods in myzucchinis for under a buck and kale for a couple bulks when they are growing abundantly.


You can find these tips on instagram here:

I mention all these tips above in my video below.

[youtube link=]

I hope these tips help you and your family choose the cleanest food.

Have a joyous day!


Mar 2, 2015 BY Joy McCarthy
Marcia Culbert   •   June 30, 2015

Hi Joy, Just wondering where you buy your bulk butters you mentioned above? The small jars for 8-10$ go fast when baking and eating for a family! Thanks!

Joy McCarthy   •   June 30, 2015

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