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Strawberry Milkshake Recipe

Rich in vitamin C, and with strawberries entering their prime season, there is no better time to take advantage of their sweet, delicious goodness than now.
Jun 15, 2015 | Joy McCarthy

 I've been enjoying my homemade cashew milk so very much. Now that strawberries are in season, I've got a simply wonderful recipe for you to enjoy nature's candy!!

The ingredients could not be more simple, and with strawberries entering their prime season, there is no better time to take advantage of their sweet, delicious goodness than now. Don't be afraid to get adventurous with your Strawberry concoctions, like I did here. Back to the mylkshake for now.

I recently made some homemade Cashew Milk, which is what I used for the liquid base. From there, I added hemp hearts, chia seeds, coconut butter, and fresh Ontario Strawberries I picked up at the farmers market this weekend!

Nutritional Benefits of Strawberries:

1. Rich in vitamin C. This is the most widely used antioxidant vitamin in your entire body. Your body uses up bucket-loads of vitamin C every four hours, so eating a diet rich in plant-foods is essential for this nutrient to be in abundance. Vitamin C helps your body neutralize free radicals that would otherwise damage your cells. It is a critical nutrient to have in abundance for heart health. Vitamin C is also essential for detoxification as it protects the body from harmful chemicals and toxins.

2. Blood sugar balancing. You might think of strawberries as a food that would spike your blood sugar like simple sugars but these gems are full of nutritional benefits that make them very balanced. The polyphenols in strawberries play a major role in helping regulate blood sugar response. Plus this is a "whole" food that contains fiber, vitamins and minerals, very different than say drinking fruit juice.

3. Anti-inflammatory. A powerful combo of amazing of phytonutrients—including anthocyanins, ellagitannins, flavonols, terpenoids, and phenolic acids. Therefore it's not surprising to find research on the anti-inflammatory properties of strawberries. But it's still exciting to see this remarkable fruit lowering levels of inflammatory markers like C-reactive protein (CRP) when eaten on a regular basis along with other anti-inflammatory foods.

So there you have it -- this smoothie is rich in antioxidants, extremely blood sugar balancing especially with the addition of coconut butter, hemp heart and cashew milk, plus it's got some incredible anti-inflammatory nutrients ... all that and it tastes like a mylkshake!

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  • 1 cup fresh strawberries
  • 2 tbsp coconut butter*
  • 2 tbsp hemp hearts
  • 1 cup cashew milk or any non-dairy milk
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  1. Place all your ingredients into your blender and give a whirl till smooth and creamy!


Garnish with coconut flakes and cacao nibs if you like for a little crunch!

If you want to make this smoothie extra creamy, you could always had a quarter or half of a ripe avocado, like I did here.

I hope you have the chance to make this smoothie while fresh strawberries are still in season. If you miss it this year, or live somewhere where strawberries aren't currently in season, a great alternative it to buy organic frozen strawberries and use those instead.

If you like this smoothie, be sure to check out my Chocolate Almond Butter Mylkshake recipe too.

Wishing you joyous health (and yummy smoothies!)

Autumn Blaylock   •   June 15, 2015

What are some other anti-inflammatory foods?

Kate McDonald Walker   •   June 16, 2015
Louise Gagne   •   June 23, 2015

Erin   •   June 15, 2015

Hi Joy, This smoothie sounds very yummy, but I see that you have an * following the coconut butter and didn't define what the * means. I'm just wondering if there is something we need to know about the coconut butter? Also, the kind I buy is very hard, and flaky (not spreadable). Is this normal for coconut butter? Thanks!!

Kate McDonald Walker   •   June 16, 2015
Ashley   •   June 24, 2015

jodie   •   June 23, 2015

this looks amazing.


Amy   •   June 24, 2015

How many servings is this?

Kate McDonald Walker   •   June 24, 2015

Ashley   •   June 24, 2015

My one year old and I split this today after being out in the hot summer sun. Minus the hemp didn't have. It was so refreshing and filling.


Shaun   •   November 16, 2015

I make a similar smoothie, and I can attest to its delicious milkshakiness!

Kate McDonald Walker   •   November 16, 2015

plasterer bristol   •   April 19, 2016

Delcious, love a nice strawberry milkshake, thanks for sharing recipe. Simon

Heather Allen   •   April 19, 2016

samirnair   •   May 14, 2018

Appreciate for sharing this blog.

Rachel Molenda   •   May 14, 2018

J0ann   •   July 9, 2018

I was wondering what brand of ice cream did you use/like and i was trying to view the chocolate almond butter recipe and it's not posting just so you know

Joy McCarthy   •   July 11, 2018

glenn cain   •   June 24, 2022

joy thanks,you seem like your magic in every thing you say and do bye.


jennifer petrie   •   August 25, 2022

I made this for brekkie this morning and drinking it as we speak Its yummy yummy. Strawberries are one of the friuts I can't get enough of during the summer . there are still some stands around me so Ithought while thr getting is still good. I think Im also going to make the strawberry I still have some frozen that I have to use up.

Joy McCarthy   •   August 29, 2022

Jennifer Petrie   •   September 1, 2022

Thats funny. Part of my e mail is missing. Ialso put I'm also going to make the strawberry rubarb cakeandand that I have some frozenrubarb. But Ithink I'll make the strawberry chocolate cookies.They look so yummy.

Joy McCarthy   •   September 1, 2022

Connie   •   October 15, 2023

From now on i will eat and drink a lot of strawberries. Strawberries are not only low-calorie and fat-free, they are a rich source of nutrients .

Joy McCarthy   •   October 16, 2023

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