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Feel and Heal Your Emotions: Overeaters & Undereaters

Jun 6, 2010 BY Joy McCarthy

I write about emotional eating a lot on my blog because I see it every single day in my practice and unfortunately, it's becoming more and more common, in both men and women. Many books and so-called experts will advise tips on "overcoming" emotional eating, but is it really something to be "overcome", or something to be understood. Only when we understand our emotions and listen to that quiet voice inside called our intuition, can we truly free ourselves from the despair that emotional eating can cause.

I know first hand the pain and suffering that emotional eating inflicts upon our spirit and our body. I was once there feeling shame and guilt, counting calories, fat grams, obsessing over nutrition labels, portion sizes and worst of all, being hyper-critical of my body. I can assure you with my most joyous heart that if this describes you even in part, you can develop a new relationship with food and move past all of this!! Whether you are an overeater or an undereater, getting to the root of your emotions is the key to healing and I speak from my own journey to joyous health, my experience with my clients and my education as a holistic nutritionist.

Heal from within and you will achieve harmony within your soul and make peace with your body.

We have become so programmed by our modern society to think that any emotion other than happiness is simply not healthy for us. We suppress or pull the plug so to speak, on our emotions with anti-depressants, alcohol, drugs and food. In other words, we push the emotions down even deeper so that we no longer have to "feel". If we don't feel pain, it doesn't exist right? WRONG. Did your doctor tell you that EAT WELL FEEL WELL that teaches you to develop a new relationship with food. Our 3rd round of classes start soon, it sells out fast so please register early to avoid disappointment.

Eat well, Live well, Be well & happy!

Joyous Nutritionist

Jun 6, 2010 BY Joy McCarthy
VeggieGirl   •   June 6, 2010

Journaling is such a therapeutic process, and really DOES help with the aforementioned issues. Years of under-eating can take a toll, and trying to understand WHY the restricting occurs and writing about the experience helps to move one step forward towards a healthier lifestyle. Many thanks again, Joy, for your wonderful insight, guidance, and expertise.


xTheFinalCountdownx   •   June 6, 2010

Thank you sooo much for writing this, it's just what I needed :)


  •   June 6, 2010

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SandraBeFit   •   June 7, 2010

This really hit home for me. Thanks Joy.


Brianne   •   February 8, 2011

I find that blogging is pretty therapeutic as well. It's not an actual physical act of taking pen to paper but since I type much quicker than I can write, it's easier for me to get the jumbled thoughts out onto the digital page. GREAT point about our society thinking anything other than happiness is something to be wiped away. If we are to truly process anything, we need to feel it and work through it. That way we are stronger after every experience we have instead of weaker.


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