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Oct 15, 2015 BY Joy McCarthy

8 Interesting Facts about Apple Cider Vinegar You Probably Didn't Know

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Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is probably one of my favourite everyday superfoods – not only does it add amazing flavour to food, but it also has incredible health benefits. I’ve commented on the benefits of this wonder liquid it in many of my previous posts and videos, but I’ve yet to highlight it’s other great uses. 

Not only is ACV a fantastic digestive aid (perhaps it’s most well known attribute), but it has a slew of other helpful uses that will have you reaching for that bottle much more often. 

Whether you’re an avid gardener or want to make sure you have the freshest breath on your next date, here are 8 interesting facts about Apple Cider Vinegar you may not have known about:

It helps balance blood sugar

Apple cider vinegar has an anti-glycemic effect and can block the digestion of some starch, helping to keep blood sugar levels on an even keel. Making sure your blood sugar is balanced is incredibly important for good (joyous!) health and is the foundation for many other health benefits, including my next point. 

ACV may help promote weight loss 

A Japanese study showed that those who used apple cider vinegar lost slightly more weight than those who didn’t. This may be because components of apple cider vinegar may turn on certain genes involved in breaking down fats. 

It will help settle an upset tummy

Unfiltered apple cider vinegar contains probiotics that help cultivate a healthy balance of good bacteria to help fight whatever nastiness is taking place in your gut. By taking it regularly, it can also promote overall digestive health. 

Use it as a non-toxic cleaning agent

Apple cider vinegar is a non-toxic, odor-absorbing, antibacterial alternative to harsh chemicals; just mix 1 part ACV to 1 part water and clean away! 

Can be used as a safe herbicide 

Apple cider vinegar can kill weeds in your garden while acting as an effective herbicide for plants that like an acidic environment.

Will boost energy 

The enzymes and minerals in apple cider vinegar make it a great addition to homemade energy drinks, which are so much better for you than those neon-coloured, additive-filled store-bought ones.

Has detox benefits 

Apple cider vinegar may help improve lymph circulation and contains enzymes that support digestion. The lymphatic system is a network of vessels that transport important molecules to be cleansed by the lymphatic organs (spleen, thymus gland, lymph nodes, liver and tonsils). You can learn more about the lymphatic system here. Another great way to stimulate your lymphatic system is by dry skin brushing

Will banish your bad breath 

The antibacterial properties in apple cider vinegar can kill the bad bacteria that can cause bad breath. It’s also a much healthier option compared to most commercial mouthwash brands.

Those are my 8 interesting facts for ACV. Have you tried any of these?


Oct 15, 2015 BY Joy McCarthy
Chantal   •   October 15, 2015

We do love using ACV daily for better digestion ( + more now with your blog today :) but find it provides acid reflux. Any insight into this? Or just everyone is different scenario? LOL

Joy McCarthy   •   October 16, 2015

Anne   •   October 15, 2015

I use apple cider vinegar once weekly in my oral health care. Brushing teeth with a paste of baking soda, followed by swishing 1/2-1 tsp apple cider vinegar in your mouth literally removes any plaque build up on your teeth, leaving them silky smooth. Be prepared, though. When you mix the ACV with the soda, it's like a volcanic eruption and you may need to spit a bit out of your mouth and continue swishing. You don't want to swallow. Well worth it.


Joeleen   •   October 15, 2015

Joy, how much would be a good amount to take each day to get some of the amazing benefits you mention? Thanks!

Joy McCarthy   •   October 16, 2015

Mary Leopold   •   October 15, 2015

What great timing for your ACV post, as I have been beginning to incorporate it into my morning hot water and lemon. I would love to hear how you use ACV more specifically, e.g., amounts mixed into water, smoothies, etc. for most beneficial outcome. Thank you as always!


Lotetta   •   October 15, 2015

I think it is supposed to make your hair shiny and soft if you rince with it.


A.L.   •   October 15, 2015

Do you take a tablespoon every morning?

Joy McCarthy   •   October 16, 2015

Shawna   •   October 15, 2015

Thanks for this post! Do you have energy boosting recipes that include apple cider vinegar? My energy seems to be lacking lately... Thanks!

Joy McCarthy   •   October 16, 2015

Anna   •   October 15, 2015

It's an absolute miracle for insect bites! Takes the sting away and the swelling down within 10 minutes :)

Joy McCarthy   •   October 16, 2015

Melissa Kelly   •   October 16, 2015

I love the taste of ACV drizzled on a spinach salad with almonds and cranberries, simply yummy.


Joanne Nimigon   •   October 17, 2015

How much apple cider vinegar would one use in a day. I have IBS and I'm also trying to lose weight therefore I'm hoping that this can help me. Thanks Joy

Kate McDonald Walker   •   October 19, 2015

Rose Salem-Towne   •   October 24, 2015

Taking a tablespoon mixed with water or apple juice also helps your veins and arteries by helping break down plaque buildup. It helps to reduce cholesterol levels. .


Jill   •   October 26, 2015

How do you take and how much ACV? Thanks!!!

Kate McDonald Walker   •   October 28, 2015

Megan E   •   October 27, 2015

Love this! Thanks Joy! I actually find that a "shot" of ACV mixed with a bit of water is the only thing that stops my acid reflux/heartburn. I've tried over the counter medication that does nothing but the ACV gets rid of it completely in about 5 mins. :)


Julia Bell   •   November 11, 2015

Lovely post! I'm using apple cider vinegar for mixing my cleaning solutions and I could say it's quite efficient. The best thing for this post is I found some interesting and new ways to use ACV at home. Thank you for sharing!

Kate McDonald Walker   •   November 11, 2015

Shireen   •   March 9, 2016

Hi joy, When using ACV to stabilize blood sugars is once a day enough or should you take it before every meal? My gestational diabetes (monitored through food consumption) during pregnancy left me pre diabetic. Looking for ways to get on the right track.

Kate McDonald Walker   •   March 9, 2016

Gwen Chitts   •   March 9, 2016

I have been having ACV each morning for about six months now and it has improved my tummy troubles immensely. I had my gall bladder removed many years ago and now I don't get that horrible discomfort in the middle of the night when I perhaps over indulge on dessert.

Kate McDonald Walker   •   March 14, 2016

khumo P.   •   September 13, 2017

what are the main ingredients of ACV?


Alandus   •   March 13, 2018

Thanks so much. I wish you happiness and blessings

Rachel Molenda   •   March 13, 2018

Kim   •   November 7, 2018

How much, and how often should you invest ACV?

Joy McCarthy   •   November 7, 2018

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