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Cozy Tea Holiday Bundle

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Give the gift of coziness, comfort and nourishment when you gift this Joyous Tea Bundle to a special someone in your life! This is a great opportunity to explore our delicious line of caffeine-free, herbal, organic teas and experience the many health benefits of each, including reduced stress, inflammation and boosted energy!

*Bundles excluded from Black Friday Sale

Joyous Detox Tea
Rise and Shine Tea
Joyous Rejuvenate Tea
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Speckled Dip Mug (Green)
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As a tea lover myself, I’ve seen and experienced the many health benefits that come with a daily tea drinking habit. All of the ingredients in our joyous teas – Rise and Shine Tea, Joyous Rejuvenate Tea and Joyous Detox Tea – have been carefully selected for both their health benefits and delicious flavour known to satisfy the palettes of many; making them the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for anyone in your life!

1 - Rise and Shine Tea

An uplifting and grounding, caffeine-free, delicious blend of organic ingredients including turmeric, ginger, cardamom and more, to start your day joyously!

1 - Joyous Rejuvenate Tea

This refreshing and rejuvenating herbal blend of anti-inflammatory and detoxifying ingredients will leave you feeling uplifted, "rejuvenated" and joyous!

1 - Joyous Detox Tea

A soothing and detoxifying caffeine-free tea made with organic ingredients to support your body’s detoxification system and keep you feeling joyous! Safe for daily drinking.

1 - Speckled Dip Mug

Start your morning off right with our beautiful Speckled Dip Mugs. Made from a beautiful glazed stoneware, any colour chosen will pair perfectly with your drink of choice.

  • The avid tea drinker (especially those who are currently consuming non-organic tea).
  • Those that are looking to cut down their consumption of coffee and/or caffeine-containing beverages.

  • Those looking for support the health of their hormones, digestion and skin.

  • Someone who is looking to boost their energy without the aid of caffeine.

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