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Homeopathic Remedies for Eczema

I get great results with homeopathic, not only in my naturopathic practice but as a mama to my 3 young children. My kids often pretend cough, or fake an injury to get some pellets, they actually call them candies! Homeopathic medicine is not only an effec
Aug 3, 2017 | Rachel Schwartzman

I get great results with homeopathics, not only in my naturopathic practice but as a mama to my 3 young children. My kids often pretend cough, or fake an injury to get some pellets, they actually call them candies! Homeopathic medicine is not only an effective treatment option, but is completely safe for anyone to take (insert; pregnancy, nursing mothers, babies, elderly, and medicated individuals).

They are also super easy to take, which is very helpful when you have a fussy child refusing to take any form of “medicine”. From little babies to pregnant mamas to individuals on prescription drugs, homeopathics do not have any negative side effects. The remedy will either work or if it’s not the right remedy, it simply won’t.

Homeopathic medicine is based on 2 ideas; the principles of “like curing likes” and using “micro-doses”.

Let’s look at the remedy Coffea cruda (commonly known and loved as coffee). When a person drinks coffee they may be sleepless, anxious or have an increased heart rate. Coffee as a homeopathic would be given to someone suffering from insomnia, who might have a rapid heart rate or be anxious. The idea is a substance (ie. coffee) that produces a set of symptoms in a healthy person (ie. sleeplessness), can eliminate that same symptom in a sick person (ie. insomnia). This is the meaning behind “likes curing likes”. Make sense? The real struggle with homeopathy is understanding its theory!

The second concept is “micro-doses”, or very small doses.

Homeopathics have been diluted from their original substance with water many times. Not to get too complicated here, but the water maintains the memory of the substance, and so homeopathy is often referred to as an energetic medicine. This is why it is so safe to take.

Remedies are made from plants, animals, and minerals. They are usually taken in small round pellets but can also be bought as a liquid. To take the remedy all you need is a clean mouth (not with food or beverage), and let the remedy sit under the tongue. The pellets will take a few minutes to dissolve. For young children, I often recommend crushing the pellets between 2 spoons or dissolving the pellets in a little water and then putting it in your little one's mouth. The directions of how to use the remedies are clearly labeled on the bottle, or you are following your health providers prescription.

The last important concept is you need to pick the remedy based on what best matches the person’s symptom picture. Consider what the illness looks like, the temperament of the person, what makes the condition better and what makes it worse. The amazing thing about homeopathics, is when you get the right remedy, it works! Honestly, it feels like magic! It works so quickly and well that people are often amazed. The key is getting the right remedy, and that is where a professional can help.

Let’s discuss some remedies for skin health, specifically for eczema prone skin. I have cross compared some of the most common eczema remedies and italicized some of the symptoms most prominent for that remedy.

Homeopathic Remedies for Eczema


This is the most common remedy for eczema and skin health.

Key Symptoms: Itching that must be scratched. Scratching can lead to bleeding. Redness of a rash. Eczema is moist. Skin has a dirty appearance. Discharge develops with an offensive eggy smell (gross, I know!). Can be associated with diarrhea.

Symptoms are worse: warmth of a bed, overheated, bathing, sweating, 11 am (mid-morning).

Symptoms are better: cold weather, cold applications (ice packs, cloths)


Another common eczema remedy. Can easily be confused with sulphur. Those who need psorinum are anxious, chilly, with symptoms worse at night.

Key Symptoms: intense itching that must be scratched. Can scratch to the point of bleeding. Eczema that occurs behind the ears. Depression with eczema. Infected eczema. Offensive discharge. Individual often feels chilly.

Symptoms are worse: cold applications.

Symptoms are better: warm weather and clothing.


Key Symptoms: This eczema oozes a thick yellow or honey-like discharge. The skin is dry, rough or hard with thick skin that cracks. Rawness in the folds of the skin, behind the ears, neck and groin. The skin heals slowly. Can be associated with asthma.

Symptoms worse: night, warmth.

Symptoms better: skin being wrapped.

Rhus tox:

Key Symptoms: Eczema that is intensely itchy. Small blisters can break on scratching and ooze a watery fluid. Skin is red and swollen. Rash on hands, arms, genital region. Individual is restless.

Symptoms worse: cold air, cold damp weather, getting wet, on first waking up in the morning.

Symptoms better: warm, dry weather, hot water, movement/motion.

Arsenicum album:

Key Symptoms: These individuals are very restless, with a fear of germs, dirty things and catching an illness. Eczema is very dry and rough, red, burning, and occurs in patches, especially in the hands. They tend to be very chilly.

Symptoms worse: cold air, when anxious, at night.

Symptoms better: warmth.

Using homeopathy to raise the health of an individual can be a powerful tool for those with eczema. Remember eczema is a systemic disorder that has to do with over-activity of the immune system. It’s not just a skin deep problem. The correct homeopathic needs to be selected along with the right nutrition and supplement recommendations to help treat the whole person. People with eczema should consult with a health professional. With the right support, I do believe healing will happen.

Note from Joy: I love these homeopathic recommendations from Rachel. Healing will begin along with the right nutrition and supplementation as she mentioned. It's not an immediate fix however, it's a lifestyle change. For more guidance check out the Eczema Healing Guide.

Have you had success with homeopathics? Share your experience in the comments below!

sabrina   •   August 4, 2017

Oh this is a great guideline! Thank you! I have a large rough patch on my knee and have had it for years now. I thought it was eczema but some of the symptoms listed display discharge and other symptoms which I don't have. Perhaps it's psoriasis. I'll have to look into it. Pinning this!

Rachel Molenda   •   August 4, 2017

Liza Parker   •   August 9, 2017

Wish I had of known these remedies when I was younger. Suffered from eczema pretty bad during my childhood. Thanks for this post!

Rachel Molenda   •   August 10, 2017

Maizie   •   April 7, 2019

I am pretty late to this post, so I dont know if anyone will see this- I am wondering how to dose for eczema. Most ailments you dose and wait for a response and take more if necessary. But eczema will not be gone that day, so how often should you take it?? Every hour for months seems excessive!

Joy McCarthy   •   April 8, 2019

Emily   •   July 8, 2019

I used homeopathics for about a year with a holistic doctor, she was amazing and my eczema is so much better. About 95% healed! I’m so grateful for homeopathics and eating the right foods!

Joy McCarthy   •   July 9, 2019

John Hohl   •   May 15, 2021

I don't see pre-packaged combinations of "herbs". Is it okay to combine say three to six of the different dozen or so "suggestions" for something like eczema/psoriasis? Should doses for each be reduced in accordance to number of pills taken?

Joy McCarthy   •   May 17, 2021

Ritesh   •   June 18, 2021

homeopathy treatment is very good for many diseases and conditions such as eczema amazing blog keep blogging homeopathy treatment of eczema


Mary   •   August 30, 2021

What remedy would you recommend for a 5 year old? Her eczema is dry and itchy. It does not ooze. I cannot get the top of her feet to completely heal up. Also, has patches on the back of her knees. Dosage?


Ann   •   May 27, 2022

I have tried the 1st 3 remedies and some without success unfortunately.I even worked with a homeopath.I have had my eczema for the past 6 months now,first time appearing in December,with daily itching,stinging,burning and oozing.My eczema is on my lower legs all the way around,arms,neck,stomach,was a bit on the back and face,but not the hands nor folds.The tiny fluid filled blisters kept spreading like weeds,forming large patches.Unfortunately,none of the above remedies fit me properly.My eczema is better outdoors, but not in the heat,and not itchy during sleep.The moment I wake up it starts itching,burning and stinging.I feel like there are ants crawling under my skin.The slightest touch or rub makes my skin pulsate,becomes inflamed and starts oozing. I am at the end of my wits,depressed and tired from crying in pain.I don't know what to take or do.Haven't used anything allopathic though. Knowing that summer is coming really scares me.I can't even imagine being outdoors with my 3 kids all day,every day,in long sleeve and having my skin red and raw. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thank you.

Joy McCarthy   •   May 30, 2022

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