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Healthy Natural Pregnancy (The Ultimate Health Podcast)

Jan 8, 2016 | Joy McCarthy

I am elated to have been invited back on The Ultimate Health Podcast to chat with my friends, Marni and Jesse, about all things natural pregnancy! After having given birth to my beautiful baby girl, Vienna, last September 2015, I'm grateful to have been given the opportunity to share my story of natural pregnancy from pre-conception to balancing work-life with a new baby.

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In this episode we discuss

  • Joy’s new baby, Vienna
  • The importance of keeping your blood sugar balanced during pregnancy
  • Thinking of getting pregnant? Here are some healthy resources
  • A supplement you should be taking well before you get pregnant
  • Food cravings during pregnancy
  • Good quality fats and proteins are essential while you’re pregnant
  • Should you exercise while you’re pregnant?
  • Consider doing yoga throughout your pregnancy
  • A natural way to curb low back pain during the birthing process
  • Be patient, it’s not impossible to get a midwife
  • The role of the midwife (medical support) vs. doula (emotional support)
  • How men can help out during pregnancy and delivery
  • Chiropractic care helped Joy’s baby with latching
  • While you’re pregnant and nursing, baby eats what you eat
  • How long should you breast feed?
  • Listening to your body and following intuition
  • To physically get back to pre-pregnancy form, ditch the sugar
  • Finding work-life balance as a new Mom
  • Whether it’s with your business or baby, always give 100%
Jan 8, 2016 BY Joy McCarthy
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