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Introducing the Joyous Health Podcast

Introducing the Joyous Health Podcast as a way to spread more joy to your life! Much like the blog, we will be talking about food & nutrition, well-being, natural beauty, family and business/entrepreneurship.
May 1, 2019 | Joy McCarthy

It's an exciting day at Joyous Health because we've launched a podcast – the Joyous Health Podcast! This has been a long time coming and after a few delays, we decided to just go for it and bring some joy to your ears this spring — or as Walker says, "we are going to ooze some inspiration into your ears" 😳.

When I say "we" I mean Walker and I! We'll be co-hosting the show, which means there will be lots of laughs, definitely some tears (shed by me) and lots of juicy tidbits of information to bring Joyous Health to your life!

Why The Joyous Health Podcast?


We created this podcast for a couple of reasons:

  1. You guys have been asking for it!
  2. Walker and I love to chat and learn from others.
  3. It's an awesome way for us to spread JOY. My mission from day one has been to inspire others to live happier, healthier lives and I hope our podcast does that for you :) 

What to expect from the joyous health podcast

Expect to feel like a fly on the wall (in the best way possible!) as Walker and I have very candid conversations about life and so much more. While we will be interviewing some super inspiring people from time-to-time, guest interviews won't be the main focus of our podcast.

We don't want to be limited or bound by anything — whether that be by topic or format. You can expect to see a lot of what you see on, as we discuss food and nutrition, well-being, natural beauty (Walker's fave – haha!), family and business.

Listen to our first episode

how to tune into the podcast

The podcast is available on:

If you're loving the podcast, please subscribe, rate and review. Your support is so appreciated by Walker and I!

If you have any issues accessing the podcast, please email us at [email protected] and a member from the Joyous Health team would be happy to help you!


Much like our Dose of Joy Newsletter, Walker and I hope that you get a Dose of Joy from every episode of the Joyous Health Podcast. 

We can't wait to hear what you think of our first episode. Wishing you joyous health, today and always!

Joy & Walker xo

May 1, 2019 BY Joy McCarthy
Kathryn   •   May 2, 2019

Joy, I have been a fan of yours and your work for years now. I have both your books and use them frequently. I listened to your first podcast today and thoroughly enjoyed it. Walker is every bit as talented, intelligent, and engaging as you. I have subscribed and look forward to more podcasts. Congratulations to you and Walker (

Joy McCarthy   •   May 2, 2019

Martin Adam   •   May 4, 2019

Great share! Thank you for the post.


Sylvia MacDowell   •   May 4, 2019

You both speak too fast! Please slow it down. Thank you !!

Joy McCarthy   •   May 5, 2019

Florence   •   June 21, 2019

Hi Joy


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