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JHP03: Mixing Work and Love and Building Joyous Health

May 15, 2019 | Joy McCarthy

Today's show picks up from where we left off in episode two where I share my health and healing journey before meeting Walker. We were both entrepreneurs going through the ups and downs of having our own business separately before we even met. Something we immediately had in common was we loved being our own boss! Plus, we both really liked each other when we met :) 

So we tell you how we met right through to how we work together and share everything in life because we are married and have a vibrant and adorable little girl named Vienna.

Walker often jokes that by choosing to work together full-time he just combined both his bosses – his boss on the homefront (me) and his boss in the office (me). Truth is, we both wear the pants and yes it is possible to work together and still really like each other. Obviously, we love each other but truly liking someone is also important. (Have you ever loved someone you didn't like?) Okay, here's episode 3!

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In this episode we discuss:

  • The beginning of my and Walker's entrepreneurial journey, dating back to 2009
  • The vow I made to myself in October 2009 
  • How I left the personal training industry for good, in exchange for nutrition 
  • The one thing I feared more than death (that's now one of my most-loved parts of being an entrepreneur)
  • How I started my business with no social following and nearly no money 
  • Moving forward in business, despite uncertainty and risks
  • The worst $250 business investment I ever made 
  • The best ROI Walker got on his sandwich board sign 
  • The job application that led to me meeting Walker (the love of my life/the other half of Joyous Health!)
  • How Walker and I started to work together 
  • What to do if you're not happy in your job 
  • Walker's moonlighting moment with Joyous Health 
  • Getting married in 2013, honeymooning, coming back to Walker quitting his job and joining Joyous Health
  • Launching Joyous Health's first natural body-care line and 10 Day Detox (that led to the birth of my award-winning second book, Joyous Detox
  • The release of my first book, Joyous Health, in 2014 and why it wouldn't have happened if it weren't for these certain things
  • How becoming parents in 2015 affected Joyous Health and the business
  • The crazy proposal Walker came to me with three months after Vienna was born 
  • How the Joyous Health Business program came to be in 2017 
  • What's next? (Including the Joyous Cookbook, coming out late December 2019 – styled by our Creative Guru, Carol Dano, and shot by my self-taught photographer hubs, Walker Jordan!)
  • Our mission today that is the same as day one of Joyous Health 


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