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Ep 32: How to have More Powerful Conversations with Stuart Knight

You are all in for a treat today as our good friend, Stuart Knight, joins us for an amazing conversation. Stuart is an award-winning entrepreneur, a critically acclaimed author of two books, an expert panelist on numerous television shows, and the host of a hit radio show. He also has a sought after podcast and has over twelve thousand people from around the world tuning in each week to watch his thought-provoking videos online. He is a disrupter, thought leader and maverick, who has inspired over one million people reach greater success, find deeper joy and to ultimately boycott what they thought.

In this episode, Stuart describes his journey to becoming a professional speaker, and how he came to focus on the area of communication. He also explores the role that skills and connection play in conversations, explains the notion of being a ‘conductor of conversations, and emphasizes the value of learning about other people. Stuart then shares the components and skills involved in better, more powerful conversations, the crucial role that good listening plays, and the types of questions that elicit responses which help generate strong connections. Effective communication skills are critical in life, and, as you will discover today, Stuart is as passionate as he is gifted in helping people to acquire and improve them, changing their lives in the process.

Stuart Knight

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Episode Highlights

  • Stuart’s journey to becoming a professional speaker
  • How he came to focus his work on the area of communication
  • Skill and connection in conversations
  • Becoming the ‘conductor of conversations’
  • The value of learning about others
  • The 5 components to a powerful conversation
  • The 4 components to having better conversations
  • Good listening and its role in good conversations
  • ‘Feeling’ questions and ‘why’ questions
  • Moments when you just don’t feel like having a conversation
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