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Ep 52: The Impact of Nutrition and Lifestyle on Mental Health with Josh Gitalis

Our latest guest is an expert on mental health. This is your masterclass on the connection between functional nutrition and healthy lifestyle on mental health. 
Jun 14, 2021 | Joy McCarthy

We are thrilled to have our good friend, Josh Gitalis, join us on the podcast this week. As frequent listeners will remember, Josh is a Clinical Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Practitioner who runs a Toronto-based private practice with a worldwide client base. In today’s episode, he shares his vast amount of expertise in the area of mental health.

Josh offers a masterclass on this connection looking at the two parts of functional nutrition, practicing emotions, addressing the pillars of mental health, and working with clients who are expressing feelings of depression. He also explains the makeup of the brain and nervous system, nutritional information regarding them, his perspective on biohacking, and some of the challenges with medications. This informative conversation concludes by highlighting the importance of talking to a health care practitioner when necessary, and Josh’s advice for supporting mental health. An important discussion at any time, today’s examination of mental health, and Josh’s insightful recommendations are particularly critical given the impact of the pandemic on all our lives, rendering it as timely as it is valuable.

Listen to the Episode:

Episode Highlights:

  • A mental health check
  • The mental health issues Josh is finding in his practice
  • His clients’ level of awareness of the connection between healthy lifestyle and mental health
  • Information overload and the ‘take a break from news’ challenge
  • The two parts to functional nutrition
  • Practicing emotions
  • Josh’s pillars of mental health and addressing both of them
  • His process for working with patients feeling depressed
  • The importance of sleep
  • Brain and nervous system makeup and nutrition
  • Nina Teicholz’s The Big Fat Surprise
  • Cholesterol and how it works
  • Joy’s natural hair care challenge
  • Josh’s perspective on biohacking
  • What brain cells need to thrive
  • The challenges with medications
  • The importance of talking to a health care practitioner
  • Josh’s advice for supporting mental health


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