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Ep 55: Meal Prep Like a Pro with Angela Moscarelli

Meal planning is an amazing tool to eliminate the stress of what to eat. It makes healthy eating so much easier!
Jul 6, 2021 | Joy McCarthy

On today’s episode, Angela Maria Moscarelli joins me to discuss the benefits of meal prepping. Angela is a chartered professional accountant by trade, but she's currently studying to become a holistic nutritionist. She is a mom to four kids which gives her instant cred! She discusses her journey to eating whole foods and how meal prepping has made the journey easier.

She discusses the impacts of processed sugars on health and how going natural and prepping meals from scratch are not only healthier but also save cost. She gives useful tips on how to save time and avoid stress by batch cooking and reinventing leftovers. We round off with a discussion on how to get your kids interested in meals and where they get inspiration for healthy, homemade meals.

Listen to the Episode:

Episode Highlights:

  • Angela discusses life as a big family in the pandemic.
  • An accountant’s journey to studying holistic nutrition
  • How persuasive marketing shields the truth.
  • How changing to natural products reflects on your health.
  • Navigating the transition to whole foods as a parent of four.
  • Angela discusses eating in an Italian household as a growing child.
  • Why you should start meal prepping- easy steps to begin.
  • The art of batch cooking and reinventing leftovers.
  • How multitasking and running multiple kitchen gadgets can save you time and stress when meal prepping.
  • Why you should stock up on seasonal foods.
  • Angela’s famous banana popsicle recipe.
  • 3 ways to get your kids interested in your cooking.


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Saadia   •   July 6, 2021

Amazing tips, I also wants to know which storage containers she uses or is it better to store in freezer zip locks or containers etc Thanks joy

Joy McCarthy   •   July 8, 2021

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