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Ep 58: Becoming The Ultimate Entrepreneur and Podcaster with Jesse Chappus

As you listen in today, you will quickly realize why Jesse is considered podcast royalty and understand clearly why The Ultimate Health Podcast is such a runaway success.
Aug 10, 2021 | Joy McCarthy

We are incredibly excited to welcome true podcast royalty, Dr. Jesse Chappus, to the podcast today! The brilliant and inquisitive mind behind The Ultimate Health Podcast, Jesse retired from his chiropractic practice in 2016 to work on the podcast full-time with his partner, Marni Wasserman, another favorite guest of the Joyous Health podcast. Through his podcasting experience, Jesse has become an expert in interviewing fascinating minds and his thorough preparation consistently results in intriguing and enlightening conversations with them. He’s a dad, an entrepreneur, a passionate health advocate, and, as you will hear, one remarkably interesting human.

Listen to the episode:

Episode Highlights:

  • Jesse’s background
  • The roots and evolution of his interest in natural health
  • The effects of the changes he’s made to his diet over the years
  • Navigating the wealth of dietary information currently available
  • The most memorable pieces of advice he has received through his podcast
  • Guests that he would like to have on his podcast
  • Some of Jesse’s health rituals
  • The impact that having a child has had upon his self-care routines
  • The decision to sell Marni’s cooking school and move to Windsor
  • Making money from a podcast
  • Jesse’s extensive podcast preparation
  • Navigating strong personalities in interview
  • Some of Jesse’s favourite interviewers
  • Working on interviewing skills
  • What’s next for Jesse and The Ultimate Health Podcast


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