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Ep. 74: Hacking Your Way to Optimal Health with Bryce Wylde, Natural Health Expert

In this episode Bryce discusses the importance of figuring out your unique genetic predispositions and supporting your optimal health with evidence-based supplements and lifestyle habits.
Jun 14, 2022 | Joy McCarthy

This week, Joy and Walker chat with Bryce Wylde, one of Canada's leading alternative health experts, Bryce is a highly knowledgeable and respected natural healthcare practitioner whose specialty is homeopathy, clinical nutrition, supplementation, and botanical medicine and whose focus is rooted within functional medicine. He’s been a guest expert on Cityline, The Marilyn Dennis Show, and Dr. Oz where he’s shared his knowledge on genetics and immunity for optimal health.

Bryce Wylde Joyous Health Podcast Immune function

In this episode Bryce discusses the importance of figuring out your unique genetic predispositions and supporting your optimal health with evidence-based supplements and lifestyle habits. He dives deep into the power we have to turn certain genes off or on in order to promote optimal health for a long lifespan. After listening to this episode you’ll be empowered to take control of your health by balancing your immune function and lowering chronic inflammation through personalized health hacks.

If you’re ready to nerd out on genetics, superfoods, powerful supplements, and other natural health hacks then you won’t want to miss this episode. Grab your favourite cup of green tea, settle in with your notebook, and get ready to learn how to best support your personalized optimal health!


Episode Highlights:

  • How Bryce got started in television and shared his natural health knowledge with the audience.
  • The importance of theanine for brain health and function and what form is best.
  • Why the form of ingredient in your supplement matters more than the brand name.
  • Why drinking green tea alone may not be enough to get you to the clinical dose for theanine’s therapeutic effects.
  • How theanine counteracts the effects of caffeine to prevent the jitters.
  • The new meditation device that can help safely stimulate alpha waves in minutes.
  • Why we should be incorporating medicinal mushrooms into our diets.
  • How your genes impact your metabolism of compounds like caffeine.
  • Bryce’s perspective on the pros and cons of genetic companies like 23 and Me.
  • The difference between association and causation when it comes to how genes impact health.
  • How different gene variations can impact the way they’re expressed in your life.
  • The importance of not considering genetic predisposition as the final say in whether you will or won’t develop a certain disease or condition.
  • The empowering knowledge that you can change the expression of your genes through diet and lifestyle habits.
  • The impact of estrogen dominance and the simple lifestyle change that helps manage symptoms.
  • The role of methylation in health and how you can support it with the right nutrients.
  • The most common health concern he sees in his practice.
  • How he uses herbs and nutraceuticals to support immune health in his clients.
  • The importance of regulating, not just boosting, immune function.
  • The role of inflammation in chronic health conditions.
  • The difference between the innate and adaptive immune system.
  • What defines a robust immune system.
  • Some of the most exciting new products at the Expo West.
  • The power of quercetin and what form to look for.
  • Why personalized immune support can make a huge difference in health.
  • The next hot superfood: graviola leaf!
  • How the immune system develops throughout our lifetime.
  • The link between a healthy immune function and inflammation.
  • The power of the cruciferous vegetable family!
  • The role of fibre in supporting gut and immune health.
  • Why beets make a great pre-workout superfood.
  • The top things Bryce recommends to support your immunity.

Bryce Wylde Joyous Health Podcast epigenetics


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