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Zinc is a Beauty Mineral, Food Sources to Make Your Skin G-L-O-W

Hi all!Before you run out to buy a zinc supplement please read my whole post because I would much rather you eat foods with zinc because this will ensure yo
Dec 10, 2010 | Joy McCarthy

Hi all!

Before you run out to buy a zinc supplement please read my whole post because I would much rather you eat foods with zinc because this will ensure you get a plethora of other nutrients including: antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. No supplement can mimic nature and this why food is so very beautifying!

Zinc is a requirement for skin beauty, cell growth, fertility, night vision and for improving your taste and smell. In fact, this is a very common deficiency sign -- loss of taste and smell (2 of life's most simplest pleasures). As well, it does ALL this:

Promotes cell division, cell repair and cell growth = skin health

Production of T-lymphocyte white blood cells (immune health)

Aids the lymphatic organs and liver eliminate waste = skin glow

Present in insulin and helps to balance blood sugar = prevents premature aging and "caramelizing of the skin"

It works in combo with vitamin A and sulfur to build strong healthy hair too! It is absolutely essential for beautiful skin because it is a key member of a group of enzymes that help the body maintain it's collagen supply (collagen prevents wrinkly sagging skin - those pesky signs of aging). Zinc is important for hormonal balance and a zinc deficiency can be a root cause of acne.

Best Plant Sources of Zinc (must be eaten raw)

Poppy seeds

Pumpkin seeds



Pine nuts

Macadamia nuts

Sunflower seeds

Sesame seeds


Organic spinach


Seaweeds (Irish moss, kelp, nori)

Zinc supplements may produce toxic symptoms if taken long-term at a high dosage. But guess what? You can't overdose on good food!

How to add these foods into your diet?

Sprinkle on your morning granola

Eat a handful of seeds with some dried organic apricots

Sprinkle on a salad

Top off your pasta with some spinach

Beautiful skin is truly a reflection of what is going on inside the body. Create beauty from the inside out and not only will you look fabulous, but you will feel joyous too!

Dec 10, 2010 BY Joy McCarthy
Meghan (Making Love In The Kitchen)   •   December 10, 2010

I love irish moss! What's your fave way to use it?


VeggieGirl   •   December 11, 2010

Well you know my obsession with pumpkin seeds, cashews, and pecans so... I'm set ;) Just need to get that variety in there with zinc-rich foods.


Ange & Health & Swellbeing   •   December 12, 2010

I have a couple of things off this list daily! What are your thoughts on MSM supplements for collagen repair? Seems like the day I turned 30 the wrinkles around the eyes paid an unwelcome visit!

Joy McCarthy   •   December 13, 2010

Samantha Angela @ Bikini Birthday   •   December 14, 2010

Does the seaweed have to be eaten raw to obtain the Zinc? I've never seen raw seaweed before. Am I going to have to start grazing the bottom of the ocean like a sea cow?


Emily   •   December 14, 2010

Thanks for the info! I've seen a couple posts on here about skin and hair health and they are very helpful! I, like Samantha, am curious about the seaweed! :)


Drone   •   January 4, 2011

In your tv appearance and in this and other articles you cite the importance of 'enzymes'. The last time I checked, I was mostly human (Homo Sapiens Sapiens) so I don't understand what good plant enzymes would do me. Just as my lactase (which I use to break down lactose into usable form) would do little good to a plant that never encounters lactose, an enzyme important in plant metabolics is of little use to me. Besides, my digestive system is a nasty place. If the hydrochloric acid in my stomach doesn't make short work of these enzymes, my intenstines will almost surely break down the enzymes into their component parts (making them no longer enzymes but a mishmash of molecules, some usable, some not)... The naturopathic community has been far too quick to jump the enzyme bandwagon... There is this odd belief that abounds that if its good (or even if anecdotal evidence SUGGESTS it's good) for an organ, or a metabolic process - that one need only 'swallow some' to give their body a 'boost'. If cetain molecules are shown to be missing from the joints of those suffering joint issues (Glucosamine, Chondritin) they prescribe those same molecules, completely ignoring the question of what happens to these molecules after they are swallowed (how are they digested? how does the body use them when taken orally vs other methods? does swallowing even massive doses lead to increased levels in the joints? is there evidence in double-blind studies that these increased levels actually fix the joint issues?!)... These beliefs are no more sophisticated than the yipyap that has lead to the endangerment and or extinction of countless species - "tiger strong, thus I eat tiger balls and also become strong"... - the tiger population dwindles and the perps are STILL IMPOTENT! I don't mean to sound as if I'm lambasting the naturopathic community but I will say this: in your efforts to 'go back to nature' it seems many in the community have completely abandoned the modern scientific approach.

Joy McCarthy   •   January 4, 2011

Michelle Serafini   •   January 29, 2011

Hi Joy, I'm 8 weeks pregnant and have a problem with retaining zinc (level 133, should be 180) due to health issues eating it up. I'm taking a high supplement of zinc to compensate and changed my diet. I'm worried that a lack of zinc will affect my babies development, what would you say is the Max. mg of zinc I can take a day to secure my baby's health? I'll up it if necessary. Thank you A concerned Mum

Joy McCarthy   •   February 2, 2011

javaria nauman   •   February 12, 2011 zinc level is 180...more than the normal i at risk and should stop it immediately or should i continue taking zinc supplements??and yes my skin is fantastic only bcz of zinc...


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Joanna   •   March 1, 2015

I take 50mg zinc for acne. Have been since July? Is that ok or when does it become toxic? What if I dropped down to 25mg? im only 100pounds

Kate McDonald Walker   •   March 1, 2015

Healthsomeness   •   September 5, 2015

Hi Joy, Wonderful job, I just wanted to share some other zinc rich food sources with your readers: Adzuki beans (5.04 mg / 100g) Chia seeds (4.58 mg / 100g) Flax seeds (4.34 mg / 100g) Brazil nuts (4.06 mg / 100g) Lentils (3.27 mg / 100g) Almonds (3.12 mg / 100g) Walnuts (3.09 mg / 100g) Lima beans (2.83 mg / 100g) Kidney beans (2.79 mg / 100g) Chickpeas (2.76 mg / 100g) Have a read through this article: for as it is a comprehensive resource of zinc sources


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