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Oct 4, 2011 | Joy McCarthy

My brother Sean, is a Vice Principal of a school in Mississauga and asked me to share this with you. Sadly, one of his students at age 11, passed away in early July of 2011. However, as you will read below, his determination for an 11 year old boy was absolutely inspiring and touching. Please read below and pass it on.

By: Sean McCarthy

Curtis Chow had courageously battled cancer for many, many years. His initial cancer was a neuroblastoma (a form of brain cancer) and it spread throughout his body despite many treatments. Curtis was the epitome of a fighter, literally and figuratively. He came to school throughout his chemotherapy last year and participated in all school events. His hard work and dedication to school earned him the grade 6 perseverance award which was given to him in his hospital bed at Sick Kids' in the final days of the school year and the final days of his life.

Not only did Curtis work tirelessly to ensure the disease did not defeat him at school, but he also did so in activities outside of school. On May 29th, the day before he was admitted to hospital for the final time, he participated in a karate tournament. This young boy who was suffering from cancer and had been treated for months and years, once again demonstrated his perseverance and determination, by not only participating but winning a number of events in this competition.

To honour Curtis' life and raise money for neuroblastoma research at Sick Kids' our school is engaging in a Curtis Chow Memorial Walk. Our goals is to raise $13 000.00, which would be about $25.00 per student. The kick off for the event is at 8:45 on Monday, October 17th and the actual event which will include a walk / run and a fundraising lunch for students will take place on Friday, October 28th.

Anyone interested in donating to the cause can call the school or email me. We have the permission of Curtis' family to share the video. Please feel free to post/share the above information.

Sean McCarthy


Fallingbrook Middle School

905-812-7470, ext. 402

[email protected] 

Oct 4, 2011 BY Joy McCarthy
medina   •   October 4, 2011

Rest in peace Curtis. Thank you for sharing this with us.


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