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It's Movember! Tips for a healthy prostate any man can do.

My grandpa had prostate cancer which spread to his colon and liver and sadly, he eventually died. :( If it was caught sooner or perhaps if his diet was diff
Nov 8, 2011 | Joy McCarthy

My grandpa had prostate cancer which spread to his colon and liver and sadly, he eventually died. :( If it was caught sooner or perhaps if his diet was different then the cancer could have been prevented. In fact, it's the number one cancer in men.

There have been other members of my family impacted by prostate cancer, so this November I am proud to support my bf in growing a "stache"... for Movember! He also happens to work for Mercedes-Benz Canada and they are a major partner in Movember, so it only makes sense that I share his donation page with you (at the bottom). I will be sure to post the stache once it's long and unruly!

Now because I'm a holistic nutritionist, my focus is always on prevention and creating awareness which is why I actually really like Movember. I looked up some stats and found out the following about Movember:

93% of participants spent time thinking about improving their general health

59% carried out personal research on men’s health issues during Movember

87% understood that their health depends on how well they take care of themselves

Movember is making a difference. So I must share my tips with you for keeping your prostate in excellent health, so you don't become another cancer statistic.

Think about Zinc! Are you getting enough?

50% of men with prostate cancer are deficient in this very important mineral. And this is bad news because the prostate tissues are highly dependent on zinc to maintain their health. (Side note: Zinc increases sperm count and sperm motility). Good levels of zinc mean LOWER levels of estrogen and prolactin which REDUCES the risk of prostate disease.

And that's not all. Zinc prevents the formation of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a VERY potent testosterone. When testosterone levels decline, as happens when men age, the prostate gland converts testosterone to DHT. DHT breaks down testosterone causing a range of problems including prostate enlargement, potentially prostate cancer (even male baldness since it can damage the hair follicles).

Sources of zinc include:

Pumpkin seeds

Sunflower seeds



Pine nuts

Macadamia nuts

Sesame seeds


Organic spinach


Seaweeds (Irish moss, kelp, nori)


Have a small handful of pumpkin seeds with some dried apricots as a healthy snack!


In a study conducted at Duke University, men who supplemented with 2 tbsp of ground flaxseed per day reduced testosterone by 15%, slowed the growth rate of cancer cells and increased the death rate of cancer cells after only 34 days. This is likely because flaxseed lignans bind to male hormone receptors and promote the elimination of testosterone.

Eat your ground flaxseeds boys, but please purchase them "whole" and grind them yourself in an unused coffee grinder. Make sure you store them in the fridge and don't keep freshly ground flax more than a week or two max as they lose their good fat content.

How to get more ground flaxseeds into your diet:

Sprinkle on organic greek yogurt

Mix into a smoothie

Sprinkle on pasta, salad, soup

Eat your veggies!

Lycopene-rich vegetables including tomatoes (especially tomato paste), spinach, kale, mangoes, broccoli and berries when eaten daily have been proven to reduce the risk of prostate cancer and increase prostate health!

Cool fact: If you eat a good fat such as avocado or extra-virgin olive oil with your lycopene-rich veggie, then you actually enhance the absorption of this incredible antioxidant. Need a lycopene-rich delicious recipe?

Reduce your consumption of the 3 nasties!

Alcohol, especially beer



Why? All of these have an adverse affect on the way testosterone is metabolized and cleared from the body.

Reduce your toxic load as much as possible.

Your diet should be as free from pesticides and other contaminants found in more than just non-organic food (ie. your carpet or window cleaner), such as dioxins, polyhalogenated biphenyls, hexachlorobenzene, dibenzofurans. It is quite possible, states Michael Murray, ND and author of "Healing Foods", that the tremendous increase of prostate cancer reflects the ever-increasing exposure of toxic compounds. A diet rich in whole foods, with as little processing as possible will help prevent prostate cancer and protection against these toxins.

Of course, lemon and water every single morning on an empty stomach is an effective way to aid the body in detoxification too.

As mentioned above, my man is participating in Movember and if you want to make a donation to the cause, then please see the link to his donation page here: He just started, so even a donation of $10 makes a difference! Thank you!

Have a joyous day!


Nov 8, 2011 BY Joy McCarthy
Vani   •   November 10, 2011

Joy - I just sent this to my father and brother. Prostate Cancer also runs in my family and I am scared to death about the treatments that my Dad is about to undergo. Do you know of any good nutritional tips that someone can follow while undergoing radiation therapy? This is one area I need to do more research on, any info you can provide will seriously be helpful! Thank you in advance! Vani (Food Babe)

Joy McCarthy   •   November 10, 2011

Mel   •   November 11, 2011

Hi Joy, My Zaidy also died of prostate cancer -diagnosed too late I believe. I was wrestling with donating money to Movember with all the articles I read about conventional cancer therapy focusing on drugs and radiation and I dont really want my money to go toward funding for Big Pharma. I get that it might help participants think about their own health and prevention but do you know where the money is ultimately going? I recall looking up the charities and it seemed like only a small portion was going toward education and awareness and none of the programs would support natural/alternative based cancer treatments. I feel bad not supporting my family and friends but I hope they understand my position!

Joy McCarthy   •   November 11, 2011

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Erica L. Robinson   •   January 19, 2012

Hey Joy, We're learning about Zinc in my Clinical Nutrition class right now and it made me think of this article. Apparently Zinc is actually toxic to the prostate gland when it becomes cancerous which is why it aggressively down-regulates its ability to concentrate the nutrient. So men become purposely low in Zinc. This is according to Dr. Philip Rochoutas. I doubt eating high-zinc foods is problematic at all (which is what you suggest, which is fine I'm assuming, since the body can much better regulate how much it absorbs from food) however the problem is supplementation. Supplementing with Zinc at this time (when a man has prostate Cancer) is a bad idea according to research. Figured I'd put it out there!


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