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Joyous Health Holiday Gift Guide: 14 ideas

I've been looking forward to sharing this joyous holiday gift guide with you since last week! Why not give your loved ones the gift of something mama-earth-
Nov 29, 2011 | Joy McCarthy

I've been looking forward to sharing this joyous holiday gift guide with you since last week! Why not give your loved ones the gift of something mama-earth-friendly, health-promoting, lovely and still very special? 

1. EcoTools bamboo bristle body brush: Invigorate and illuminate your skin! I LOVE skin brushing and recommend it to everyone and anyone. Here's a video on how to to do it: If you live in Toronto, you can get one from either 889 Yonge boutique or you can buy online if you don't live in Toronto.

2. EcoTools 6-piece bamboo brush set: These eco-conscious beautifying tools are made with highly sustainable bamboo and recycled aluminum. The bristles are synthetic and cruelty free. They hold more makeup than animal based brushes too! (Based on my own experience). They are stocked at Whole Foods for $19.99.

3. Pure+Simple Luxury Lip Trio: Want to get smooched under the mistletoe? Then prevent dry chapped lips with this trio of lip oil and two different scented lip balms - cinnamon and peppermint. $12.95

4. Pure+Simple Super Hydrating Starter Kit: The dry Canadian winters, coupled with much less sunshine can make your skin look dull and lifeless. This kit contains all-natural products to help lock moisture into the deeper layers of the skin – tone, hydrate + protect. $59.95

5. Green Beaver Shampoo & Conditioner: Yes! I do use this stuff on my mane and believe me, it can be hard to tame. But the Green Beaver is free of all the harsh chemicals that are collecting in our waterways and effecting the fish. It's David Suzuki-approved and to me, that says a lot. David Suzuki is my hero. :)

6. Paddywax candle. Oh dear, do you have any idea how many chemicals burn into the air in your home when you use typical candles? Hundreds and many of them cancer-causing. If that wasn't bad enough, the majority of candles are made from paraffin which is a waste product of the petroleum industry. G-R-O-S-S. Soy and beeswax are a far better choice. $28 at 889 Yonge boutique or you can buy online if you don't live in Toronto.

7. Jade Yoga Mat. I bought my first Jade yoga mat last year after years of using some awful slippery plastic yoga mat. WOW! What a difference it makes. These mats are made with sustainable natural rubber, they are non-slip and it will transform your yoga practice. Check the website for purchasing.

8. Rume bags. Re-usable bags for grocery shopping or whatever suits your fancy. I also showed the sandwich or makeup bags on the Morning Show, as you might have seen. You can get them in a vast array of colours/patterns and even customize your own!

9. Davids Tea - 3 different items: Tea Tree Ornaments, Sweet Indulgence Gift pack or the Noble Glass Thermos. You can watch my video here to see the products and you can purchase online or at any of the stores. If you live in Toronto, then you MUST go to a Davids Tea and sniff your way through the store to pick out some amazing teas. Many of them are superfoods because they are packed with antioxidants.

10. Strawesome - glass straws. These are cool even if you aren't a kid (wink). There's no reason adults can't drink their smoothies out of a glass straw. Plastic straws are not good for the environment and end up in landfill sites. There are various designs/colours for you to feast your eyes on. A wonderful affordable stocking stuffer.

11. The Book of Awesome. A couple of months back I was shopping at Indigo and randomly came across this book of awesome things. Every page I turned made me smile. This is why it's on my list because not only is the author from Toronto, but it's perfect for a rainy day!

12. Alphabet of Avoidance. This is a great book to help those skeptics out there think about their carbon footprint and how they can make very little changes to a healthier happier planet. Plus it's written by a cool Toronto woman who is the most eco-chic chick I know!

13. Food Inc. If you haven't seen this movie yet, then it's a MUST. This powerful documentary deconstructs the corporate food industry in America. It's both scary and enlightening.

14. Give the Gift of Joy. Last but certainly not least is the gift of health!

Here are the details of my special offer for $175 CDN

45 minute Skype consult. I will advise you on supplements, lifestyle and of course, nutrition, based on your wellness evaluation form (downloadable here).

30 minute follow up Skype consult. I will nutrition coach you based on your food journal that you complete for me.

Note: This does not include a meal plan. Should you decide you want a meal plan, you can buy this for an additional $95 CDN.

Just email me with the subject title: Joyous Health Gift

Before I go, I'm absolutely THRILLED to announce the winner of our Tiny Devotions/Joyous-sesh giveaway from last week. Drum roll please..........

Congratulations to: Laura Bridgman who shared this tidbit: "My sister brings joy to my life. She is the most supportive person I know, and even though she may not agree with my decisions, she is always the first person there to back them up and give me the extra boost I need to follow my dreams, as crazy as they may be".

Nov 29, 2011 BY Joy McCarthy
Laura   •   November 29, 2011

Thanks, Joy and Diana! I'm so excited and I made sure that I shared that special message with my sister. Everyone deserves to know how special they are to someone :)


Vani   •   November 29, 2011

So excited you put the dry brush on your list! Everyone should get one! My husband even has his own - sooooo cute. I totally want the glass straws and to check out those books! Thanks for inspiring us JOY!

Joy McCarthy   •   November 30, 2011

Gratitude and luck. « scribbles & sass   •   November 30, 2011

[...] warm fuzzy went to Sister. I shared this with her yesterday, it was my comment on Joy’s giveaway that I won. I wanted to make sure she [...]


Tamara   •   November 30, 2011

Thanks Joy, appreciate all the great gift ideas! Thank you also for the candle info. My husband likes candles and is trying to 'introduce' them into our house. However, I suffer from allergies and am very sensitve to smells. I find the candles smell too strong when burning - even when he can't smell it, it makes me wheeze. (and even worse when they are blown out!) Maybe I can steer him in the direction of more natural candles! (I certainly appreciate natural scents)

Vani   •   November 30, 2011

Gillian   •   December 1, 2011

I am obsessed with Davids's my go-to whenever I get a hankering for something sweet. The toasted walnut green tea is amazing - always does the trick for me!


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Cheryl McMillan   •   May 6, 2015

Hi Joy! Love, absolutely love your website (the lay-out and all the great information). I appreciate all you share with us. I was privileged to hear you speak in Woodstock. You do a great presentation! Since that presentation I've made real efforts to go "clean" in my eating and the things I use on my body. I was wondering if you can recommend any make-up brands that would meet the 'clean' and minimal chemical requirements I'm looking for in cosmetics. Any help you could provide would be appreciated. Continued success to you, Joy!

Kate McDonald Walker   •   May 6, 2015

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