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Apple Maple Quinoa Porridge Recipe

If you are stuck in a savouy quinoa (keen-wah) rut, then this recipe will tantalize your sweet tasters on your tongue and take you to a whole new quinoa lev
Dec 15, 2011 | Joy McCarthy

If you are stuck in a savouy quinoa (keen-wah) rut, then this recipe will tantalize your sweet tasters on your tongue and take you to a whole new quinoa level! If you've never eaten quinoa before, then this is a great recipe to start with because it's comfort food. I made it because I was feeling under the weather for a couple days this week. It's always SO embarrassing as a nutritionist to tell anyone that you got sick.

However, I do believe that if I ate the S.A.D C.R.A.P (Standard American Diet / Coffee, Refined Carbs, Alcohol, Processed foods) diet then my stomach flu would have taken me out for the whole week. So this morning was the first time I felt like eating in two days. I actually dreamt about this delicious breakfast bowl and even though my energy was still pretty low, I managed to pull this off with very little effort.

So before I share my recipe, do you wanna know why this breakie bowl will give you a spring in your step for the whole day? If you can rhyme off all this info, then skip right to the recipe below!

Quinoa: A complete protein, meaning it contains all the essential amino acids. Translation: It balances your blood sugar so you don't have a crash mid-morning and it stimulates your metabolism because protein is thermogenic.

Pumpkin seeds: A wonderful source of immune-enhancing, beautifying, prostate-loving zinc. A source of phytosterols, which have a similar structure to cholesterol actually help to lower cholesterol and the good fats make them anti-inflammatory. Any condition with an "itis" attached to it's name is considered an inflammatory condition fyi.

Chia seeds: I have written many posts about the health benefits of chia seeds. So you can either read more here to fall in love with this mighty, but tiny seeds or take my word for it that they make this bowl superfood-worthy. They are an excellent source of fibre, more so than bran and most bellies I know don't digest bran very well.

Cinnamon: Awwww yes, one of the most prized sweet herbs that has been loved by East India for thousands of years. Rightly so, this herb has been linked to lowering blood sugar, boosting brain function and improving colon health. Want to infuse your brain with more? Check this.

Apple Cinnamon Maple Quinoa Porridge:

Note: I made this just for me and it was a 1.5 serving size (the quinoa that is), which was perfect to use the leftover to sprinkle on a salad for lunch.

1/2 cup uncooked quinoa with 1 cup filtered water

1 chopped apple, keep the skin on if it's organic

Handful pumpkin seeds

Dash of ground cinnamon

Glugg of local maple syrup

1/2 cup of almond milk

1 tbsp chia seeds

First, bring your water and quinoa to a boil. Reduce heat to low and simmer for 12-15 minutes. Check it around 10 minutes and give it a little stir. Once cooked, toss amount into a bowl and combine all your ingredients. Voila! It's that easy!


Dec 15, 2011 BY Joy McCarthy
Mark   •   January 14, 2012

Just tried the Apple Maple Cinnamon Quinoa Porridge, It was very tasty, it was more like soup though, maybe too much almond milk, Thank you for the recipe and keep up the great work you have been a big help in changing my diet and making it taste good

Joy McCarthy   •   January 14, 2012

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Jen   •   August 26, 2012

My son has an almond allergy. What is the best substitute for the almond milk? He is also allergic to dairy. Thanks


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Corinne   •   January 17, 2013

I was just wondering what one serving of quinoa would be uncooked? Since you said it was 1.5 for 1/2 cup, therefore if I wanted to eat it all in one sitting should I do 1/3 cup?


Christine   •   February 4, 2013

Mmmmmm! Very yummy!


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