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6 Tips to Beat The Winter Blues

I hate to say it, but today is Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year. But let's not get all sad and mope about just because this is what we are t
Jan 16, 2012 | Joy McCarthy

I hate to say it, but today is Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year. But let's not get all sad and mope about just because this is what we are told! That being said, I am still going to share tips with you for beating the winter blues because the colder months and lack of sunshine can some people down.

Here are my healthy lifestyle tips for beating the blues:

1. Happiness is choice. If you wake up feeling grumpy or as the day progresses you feel like the world is against you, do something about it! Remember, you always have a choice to let situations and people get you down or not. The absolute best strategies to get yourself out of a funk are:

Say aloud to yourself "Today is wonderful day full of unlimited possibilities".

Count your blessings. Oprah has been advising us of this for as long as I can remember to state 5 things you are grateful for and actually write them down. Want a friendly reminder? Register for and log your happy grateful rambles.

Expect the best and watch this video:

2. Bring COLOUR into your life! Wear a cheerful bright coloured top or scarf, paint a room your favourite uplifting colour, put some fresh flowers or buy a plant and put it in your most liveable room in your home. Colour therapy is incredibly effective at boosting your mood. Try it!

3. Take your omega 3s and Vitamin D. Better yet, want a product that combines both and has a very joyful name? Get: "Pure calm+joy" by Genuine Health. This product has the best omega 3s: EPA and DHA, plus 400ius of Vitamin D. All three of these nutrients are mood enhancing!

4. Invite and allow love in your life. Often, single people think that being with someone will bring them love and sometimes, coupled people are constantly requesting more love. Guess what? If you start with yourself ie. saying/thinking more loving kind thoughts, then love will come knocking on your door!

5. Get some FRESH air and sunshine on your face. I already talked about the power of vitamin D, but the sunshine vitamin is truly the best source, so is getting fresh air. So bundle up and get your butt outside for some fresh air and sunshine. Just thinking about cold crisp air with a sunny blue sky will put you in a good mood. Even if it's grey and damp, just visualize it!

6. Your happiness cannot be found in a tub of icecream, plate of white pasta or a bag of candy! These foods or rather, phood-like substance are a recipe for winter blues. Foods with zero nutrition tax the body and create a need for even MORE nutrients for their assimilation. What I mean by that is... if you eat processed "white" junk foods your brain will continue to crave nutrients and guess what? You end up craving even more sugar and refined carbs. How do you stop this? You eat NUTRIENT-DENSE DELICIOUS foods! Want some inspiration? Check out the dessert section of my recipes here:

Be joyous!


Jan 16, 2012 BY Joy McCarthy
Erica L. Robinson   •   January 16, 2012

Whaaat!? That wasn't HAPPINESS I was eating in my PB ice cream? Haha I kid.

Joy McCarthy   •   January 16, 2012

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