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Skin Brightening, Detoxifying, Immune Boosting Juice Recipe

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This looks like sunshine in a cup doesn't it?

Fresh juice is best and this is the kind you want to drink, not pasteurized store bought junk that will spike your blood sugar and expand your waistline thanks to that insulin spike!

This is why I always make my juice from scratch. It's been a while since I busted out the Breville juicer, but that's because it's been damp and juice can be very cooling to the body. However, I was craving one today after my holistic facial at 889 (which was wow by the way).

Before I share my juice recipe, I want to remind you that if you juice as well, always make sure it's 80% vegetables and about 20% fruit. Otherwise if it's all fruit, it's going to be far too high on the glycemic index - meaning, it will spike your blood sugar levels too quickly.

These are the ingredients in my skin brightening, detoxifying and mega-watt immune boosting juice:

2 carrots

4 stalks celery

2 thumb size chunks of fresh ginger root

Half lemon (remove the peel of non-organic)

1 lime (same comment as above)

1 apple (remove the core)

This filled up a good portion of the mason jar you see in the photo. I'm using my glass straw from Strawesome - pretty isn't it?

Be joyous!

jill   •   March 4, 2012

Looks pretty but I am not a big fan of the taste of celery though. (i know they're used because of their high water content)

Joy McCarthy   •   March 5, 2012

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Anna Obi   •   November 22, 2012

So yummy! I just made this juice and it was delish! Thanks for the recipe Joy!


Steve G   •   January 24, 2013

Stupid question, when you refer to a lemon as part of the recipe for juicing, are you including the whole thing or just squeezing the juice?

Joy McCarthy   •   January 24, 2013

Melissa Ziaei   •   April 10, 2013

Joy- I give this recipe to my clients all the time- Thanks.

Joy McCarthy   •   April 10, 2013

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krissy   •   May 2, 2013

hi problem is i'm super thin..even i ate a lot i don't gain any weight.being so thin take toll on my skin old wrinkled skin because of uncontrolled lose there any smoothie that can help to gain weight at desame time glowing skin?..i mean not that super weight..just to balance my body...thank u

Joy McCarthy   •   May 3, 2013

krissy   •   May 2, 2013

any way i love your healthy recipes


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