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The Power of Positive Thinking - Get Out of Your Funk

Today, I woke up in a bit of a funk. I didn't sleep well, couldn't find my keys which caused me to be late = stress. I rode my bike to all my appointments a
Jun 17, 2009 | Joy McCarthy

Today, I woke up in a bit of a funk. I didn't sleep well, couldn't find my keys which caused me to be late = stress. I rode my bike to all my appointments and my chain fell off twice. This set off a series of other events that I completely invited into my life because I was thinking negative thoughts - yes this does happen from time to time. But, I totally caught myself in the middle of a little chaotic emotional tornado of negativity.

Achieving optimal health (not merely the absence of disease) is feeling fabulous more often then not. Health, in many ways, is a choice. You choose to have a wealth of health by exercising, reducing stress levels, eating a nutrient dense diet, surrounding yourself with loving positive people and of course choosing to have good thoughts throughout the day.

When you find yourself slipping into a negative thought pattern, then consciously say to yourself "Thank you for that thought, now I move on and think a more positive thought". Such as, I am grateful for this glorious day, I am beautiful, smart and kind. I have wonderful supportive people in my life, I have a great job, I appreciate the food in my fridge and so on. Time and time again, especially with women, I hear them tell me they feel fat, they feel unattractive and then proceed to tell me all the reasons why they are miserable. However, misery is truly a choice. Whatever that positive thought message is for you, I encourage you to do it everyday to avoid this negativity which brings about this misery.

This isn't rocket science, there are plenty of research studies in North America to prove that positive thinking creates health and happiness in the body. When you are negative, you create stress in the body. Stress leads to many illnesses and a body lacking harmony and happiness.

Remember it is not what happens to you that counts, it is how you react to what happens to you and your chosen thought pattern. So what if someone cuts you off while driving or someone buds in front of you at the grocery store. Is it really worth getting your knickers in a knot over?

Get out of your negative thought pattern.

When I came home from my morning appointments, I decided to close my eyes just for 5 minutes, breath deeply and think good positive loving thoughts and it worked like MAGIC. I felt better instantly. This is something you can do at work too. At the computer, close your eyes and take 10 deeps breaths. This immediately calms your central nervous system, allows you to focus better and brings peace and harmony back into your body. This translates to positivity and optimism.

I also looked at this link that my friend sent to me: ADORABLE ANIMAL PICS

The power of positive thinking is yours if you choose it.

Happy day,


Jun 17, 2009 BY Joy McCarthy
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