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7 Detox Approved Deeeeelicious Recipes!

This weekend is going to be a busy detox-workshop filled two days! So I thought I would post some of my favourite detox-approved recipes here.Most people th
Apr 13, 2012 | Joy McCarthy

This weekend is going to be a busy detox-workshop filled two days! So I thought I would post some of my favourite detox-approved recipes here.

Most people think that detoxing means doing some dramatic calorie-reduced diet for 10 days or more where they feel miserable and hungry most of the time. I'm here to set the record straight that this couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, there are a large number of foods that are both incredibly delicious and detox-worthy.

So I've got these amazingly delicious recipes to share with you! Hurray for healthy yummy detoxifying foods!

Detox Green Ginger Juice:

Detoxifying ingredients: Everything! You will be glowing inside and out when you drink this and it tastes delicious - zippy zingy!

Triple Berry Smoothie: As a powersnack or a detoxifying way to kick-start your day!

Detoxifying ingredients: Berries, chia seeds, Greens+

Apple Spice Rice Bake: I eat this at breakfast! It tastes like rice pudding, thanks to the amazing raw vanilla.

Detoxifying ingredients: Apples, almonds, ginger, chia seeds (if you use in place of eggs).

Hemp Goji Berry Salad

Detoxifying ingredients: Cabbage, arugula, hemp, goji berries.

Detox Delicious Dijon Salad Bowl:

Detoxifying ingredients: Everything in this recipe is detoxifying!

Coco Strawberry Bliss Balls: Eat two of these as a powersnack mid-afternoon.

Detoxifying ingredients: Dates, walnuts, chia seeds, coco flakes (assume unsweetened and no sulfites)

Hemp Arugula Pesto Brown Rice Pasta: This is soooo delicious and fulfilling. You won't even need to fill your belly for seconds, but you might want more because it's so flavourful.

Detoxifying ingredients: Garlic, arugula, walnuts, hemp oil.

Tune into Global Toronto's Morning Show next week because I will be on Monday talking about chemicals that make you fat. As well, if you are around today (Friday and Sunday) come on out to the Green Living Show -- I will be speaking about organics.

Have a joyous day!


Apr 13, 2012 BY Joy McCarthy
Kristin Fournier   •   April 14, 2012

Looking forward to trying these wonderful recipes!


Tamzin   •   April 14, 2012

Wow they all sound amazing x x


kristina   •   April 15, 2012

Joy, can you recommend a good cookbook? Thanks*


Nancy Sherry   •   April 15, 2012

Hi Joy, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for inspiring me. Since finding your site through a mutual friend I have implemented many changes in my life. You can read about them here: If you scroll through other entries you will read your name and see links to your site! My friends have started drinking lemon water and thanking me for it! Thank you so much for sharing your JOY, Nancy :)

Joy McCarthy   •   April 16, 2012

jenny   •   April 22, 2012

wait, what's "raw vanilla"? ps. your blog always makes me crave pesto...


Joyous Health   •   March 16, 2013

[...] Eat more detoxifying foods. Check out 7 detox recipes here. [...]


Yvonne   •   June 28, 2018

I am 45 lbs. overweight, eat poorly. I want to start your recipes but want to know if there is anything that I should avoid using as I take antidepressants and high blood pressure pills. Your way of eating really interests me and makes a lot of sense. Thank you for any help you can give me.

Joy McCarthy   •   June 30, 2018

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