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My visit to beautiful British Columbia for the CHFA Show

I'm feeling quite joyous to be writing this post from a cafe in Vancouver with the mountains right in front of me as I write.... It's pretty awesome I must
Apr 23, 2012 | Joy McCarthy

I'm feeling quite joyous to be writing this post from a cafe in Vancouver with the mountains right in front of me as I write.... It's pretty awesome I must say. I came here with the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA), as their spokesperson and that's me with their Director of Communications - Michelle. It's quite an honour because they are an amazing organization!

This past weekend was the CHFA West trade show -- one of the reasons I came here and to do Global BC News at noon. The trade show was essentially an amazing gathering of health and organic experts showcasing their products from supplements to food to personal care. I have plenty of samples to try out over the next couple of months thanks to all the generous exhibitors at the show.

I was amazed with all the new innovations and noticed a few trends coming out the show with respect to detox, stress and sleep. Also, natural beauty (creating beauty from the inside out) and incorporating supplements into food are two more trends which I personally love to see as you might have guessed from my posts on this: coco bliss balls and my category on natural beauty.

If you want some of my Spring tips, check them out there on the CHFA website:

Before I go, I must tell you about the AMAZING breakfast I had on Saturday morning - thanks to a friends recommendation! I went to Aphrodite's Organic Cafe in Kitsilano. I had an almond milk cappuccino, organic spelt blueberry muffin which you can see below... (which I finished for breakfast today).

Then I had then the basic eggs and toast breakfast. The bread was homemade with all organic ingredients. It reminded me of the Beet Cafe in Toronto. It was charming and quaint. My server was adorable and he was eager for me to try their famous pie.

I had a few bites this afternoon of that pie when I got back to the hotel and it was freakin' foodgasmic - WOW!

The next photo is what I saw when I walked back towards downtown Vancouver. Never in my entire life have I ever smelled air so fresh as it was on this day. It was one of the most rejuvenating mornings I can remember in a very long time. The combination of fresh flowers and sea salt air is absolutely incredible. I swear I looked like I just had a facial when I got back to my hotel room!

Now I know what people are talking about when they say the air is so fresh out here!

Be joyous,


Apr 23, 2012 BY Joy McCarthy
My morning breakfast in Gastown, Vancouver |   •   April 24, 2012

[...] actually ended up here because the server at Aphrodite’s cafe recommended it to me. When I walked in I realized I was in the hipster capital of Vancouver, [...]


jenny   •   April 25, 2012

aphrodite's is the BEST!

Joy McCarthy   •   April 25, 2012

Tara Frey-Durston   •   May 2, 2012

So glad you enjoyed yourself on the West Coast Joy! I am originally from Ontario (small town of Elmira, just an hour and a bit from Toronto) and I have been living in Whistler for almost four years now. I swear that the mountain air really IS healing and incredibly detoxifying! Glad you noticed the air yourself... :) I just started a job at the health food store here in Whistler and was unfortunately working when the cfa was on...would have loved to meet you in person!


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