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Sneak Peak from my book photoshoot

I've just arrived back from shooting photos for my book that comes out in 2014! So I wanted to share a bunch of photos from the 4 days of shooting. All of t
Aug 11, 2012 | Joy McCarthy

I've just arrived back from shooting photos for my book that comes out in 2014! So I wanted to share a bunch of photos from the 4 days of shooting. All of these photos were taken from my iPhone (not best quality). But the actual photographer's photos are absolutely lovely, drool worthy and full of joyousness!

I hope you enjoy these as it will give you a taste of what's to come! First day of shooting and first shot was of my gluten-free breakfast muffins.

This is a plate of various goodies that we shot individually. Several blog posts ago and also on Facebook, I asked you what recipes you wanted featured in my book from my blog, so I've included my sexy maca balls, coco bliss balls and almond power cookies- thanks for the recos. The muffins are new creations. :)

Here I am with a glass of vino and mister Frankie after a long day!

Carrot soup with a tahini drizzle (secret ingredients, but it's to die for!). Neat view from the camera lens.

This was my favourite photo of the shoot. Unfortunately my iphone does not do it justice. The herbs, tomatoes and zucchini were from Ma McCarthy's organic garden.

And here's a photo of the organic garden. I ate my way through the lettuce patch, as you can see there's a significant dent in the middle.

And here I am in the garden! We did a little photoshoot of me here -- harvesting some delicious organic produce. It was a gazillion degrees!

This is my avocado cucumber chilled soup in the making...and this is another recipe that you requested I put in my book! I updated it slightly for my book because I was inspired by all the fresh herbs in the garden.

Here's my sweet man (ahem, fiance!!) preparing his famously delicious Brussels sprouts. (Don't knock em' till ya try em'!). The first time he ever made this for me, I knew it was love!! The man can cook and the way to a girls' heart is through her tummy ;) That's the sunshine coming in the window -- gorgeous day.

And here's my man again making my organic stone ground spelt flour crust pizza. He's better at this than me. This recipe is from my girlfriend Dee and I love it. Walker has a knack for making things look pretty.

And here is the pizza with an arugula pesto, sundried tomatoes and goat cheese. This turned out to be a beautiful shot. My food stylist is a magician!


This next photo is behind the scenes. I'm prepping the millet mango bowl. See how pretty real food is even before it's all put together in a beautiful dish? This recipe is like a burst of sunshine in your mouth - uber fresh.

Since my man came up for the last couple of days of my shoot, we were having some fun with the camera. Carol, the food stylist and prop guru had these AWESOME polka dot straws. So we did a little shoot with the straw, bottle of vino and here's one from my iphone. I cannot wait to see the original photos from the photographer's lens.

And the last food shot here is my herbed faux-cream potato salad with some cucumber water. This was another one of my fave shots.

The setting and being outdoors most of the time was truly beautiful. I'm very grateful to my parents for allowing me to shoot the first half of my book photos at their farmhouse!

My mom has hearts everywhere in her garden and she sent me this photo while they were visiting Manatoulin island (not to far from where they live) during the time we were shooting. So it feels right that this is the last photo of this post :)

Thank you to you, all my readers and many of you who followed me from my days writing/developing recipes for Aol Canada's health and fitness website. Your comments have inspired me and guided me to create delicious, wholesome food with a nutritionist-spin, that is always nourishing and real.

My next photoshoot will be in the Spring of 2013. So I haven't fully decided on all those recipes and I'm open to your suggestions! There will only be about 25 recipes from my website and the rest will all be new! If you have an amazing family recipe and a wonderful story to go along with it, I would LOVE to hear from you in the comment section below and you might just be featured in my book!

Have a joyous weekend beautiful people!


Aug 11, 2012 BY Joy McCarthy
Erin @ The Grass Skirt   •   August 11, 2012

Thanks so much for sharing! The pictures are so pretty, and I cannot wait until your book comes out!

Joy McCarthy   •   August 11, 2012

Ashley   •   August 12, 2012

Congratulations on your engagement! I thought I saw an engagement ring in one of the upper pictures ... wishing you much health and happiness in the coming years!

Joy McCarthy   •   August 12, 2012

tanya   •   August 13, 2012

Your recipes are amazing & the prettiest pictures.Can't wait for the book to come out,Im sure I will be making loads!

Joy McCarthy   •   August 13, 2012

Nadine Todd   •   August 13, 2012

Such beautiful photos! I'm so excited for the cookbook! :D

Joy McCarthy   •   August 13, 2012

Erin   •   August 14, 2012

Turkey Meatloaf! A healthy spin on a delicious classic. I think this would be a great addition for those transitioning to a healthier more joyous lifestyle. It always a hit in my house!

Joy McCarthy   •   August 16, 2012

billyzee   •   August 16, 2012

cute couple! my zucchini are huge! is there any worry about the acid rain from the fallout in japan leaching through my garden?


Style & Error   •   August 16, 2012

Looks amazing Joy! So excited for you.


Beth Tessier   •   August 16, 2012

Gorgeous photo's, Joy!! Can't wait for your book to come out :D


zosia   •   August 17, 2012

congratulations on your engagement :)

Joy McCarthy   •   August 19, 2012

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