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Something to think about: The Science of Happiness

Oct 28, 2012 BY Joy McCarthy

I read a very unhappy statistic: North Americans are ten times more depressed than those of the Great Depression in the 1930s and 1940s. So despite facebook, iphones, and email we are feeling more disconnected and unhappy than ever before.

This fact upsets me because millions of dollars are spent studying the unhappy and our medical system is more than eager to choke us down with a pill to fix everything. Are we getting happier even though pharmaceuticals continue to advance? Unfortunately, no.

Why not study the happy and learn from them? So in my research for a workshop I'm teaching this week, I stumbled across this researcher studying the power of positive psychology. No matter your level of happiness or unhappiness, please watch and share these three YouTube videos. I'm confident it will help you think in a different way.

Part 1: Shawn Anchor -- The Science of Happiness & Potential

Part 2:

Part 3:

Oct 28, 2012 BY Joy McCarthy
Jennifer   •   October 30, 2012

Lovely lecture .... So informative with such a fun light touch of humour. Thanks for sharing, Joy!


Catherine   •   November 1, 2012

Truly food for thought. Inspiring!


Kailani King   •   November 1, 2012

I bought his book after watching this TED talks a while back. Amazing talk. Life changer, for sure.


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Wendi   •   November 10, 2012

Thank you so much for sharing this Joy!


Tim   •   January 4, 2013

I think happiness comes from living the life you want to live and having the best quality health possible. People don't know what's like to feel good because they eat crap food. It's a shame. Happiness is an inside job not a outside. Other country's that have nothing are more happy then us. It's messed.


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