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5 Yoga Poses for Detoxification

Note from Joy: I am thrilled to share another post with you from my friend and amazing yoga instructor Michelle from sol glo. As you may have noticed, our p
Jan 7, 2013 | Joy McCarthy

Note from Joy: I am thrilled to share another post with you from my friend and amazing yoga instructor Michelle. 

These poses she has graciously put together for you will stimulate the passage of toxins! Of course the calming and centering aspect of yoga is essential for detoxification as well. Your body will not efficiently eliminate any toxins if you are in sympathetic nervous system mode, better known as "fight or flight". Enjoy these poses from Michelle -- she's awesome!

"Happy New Year" often goes hand-in-hand with "Detox" for most people especially after indulging over the Holidays.

Yoga can help us release toxins that have been built up in the body and need help finding their way out, enhancing all of your efforts in your cleanse. Through various twists, folds, inversions, and sweating, Yoga will clean out toxins, lower stress hormones, send more oxygen to our cells, and increase circulation to carry nutrients to the cells and toxins away to be eliminated.

Yoga will not only release any physical toxicity but also mental and emotional toxicity as well. As Yoga is not just asana, but also meditation, and pranayama. Soooo, if you do anything, make it a few minutes of daily deep belly breathing and some quiet time in meditation or journalling.

Ok, let's get off of our asanas and commit to doing all or some of these poses plus a few minutes of breath work!

Uttkatasana with Twist (Twisting Chair)

Step feet hip-width apart, or together for a more challenging stance. Place hands in Anjali Mudra {prayer hands} at heart centre {middle of chest}. Inhale, then exhale and twist to the right. Keep knees in line so the hips stay squared and the lower-back stays neutral. Chest may stay lifted or lower left elbow to the outside of the right leg. Hands in prayer, use the elbow to press against the leg as leverage to help with the rotation of your torso. Hold for a few breaths and then twist to the other side.

Prasarita Padottanasana with Twist (Wide Legged Forward Bend with a Twist)

Step feet wide apart on your mat and pigeon toe your toes slightly to line up the outside edges of your feet with the edges of your mat. Place hands on hips, inhale to lengthen the front of the body, exhale to hinge from the hips and fold forward with a flat back. Release hands to the floor, relax head. Hold for a few breaths and then reach for opposite leg with one hand while the other hand reaches up leading the upper body into a twist. Hips and lower-back remain neutral. If you have shoulder issues, keep your palm on your lower back or your hip as you twist. Hold for a few breaths and then twist to the other side.

Lunge with Twist 

Come into a low lunge (back knee down) or a runners lunge (back knee lifted) with the right leg forward, knee bent and inline with your front ankle. Keep the knee down or lift back knee, energizing the thigh and draw back through the heel. Place your hands at the top of your mat on either side of the right foot underneath your shoulders. Leaving the left hand under your left shoulder, place the right hand on your lower back to encourage the hips and lower-back to stay neutral. Inhale to create length in the spine, exhale to rotate through the mid-back and upper-back. If your shoulder allows it, extend your right arm to the sky. Hold for a breaths and repeat on the other side.

Marichyasana 3 (Seated Twist)

From a seated position with your legs extended, bend your right knee drawing the foot to the inside of the left thigh. Keeping the right foot there or crossing it to the outside of the left thigh for a deeper twist. Option to keep the left leg straight or bend at the knee and draw your left foot back to outside of your right hip. Hug the right knee towards your chest with your left arm. Lift your right arm, rotate the shoulder and reach your fingers to your mat behind your back. To deepen the twist, press your left elbow to the outside of the right thigh. Inhale to lengthen the spine, exhale to rotate. Hold for a few breaths and repeat to the other side.

Supta Matsyendrasana (Reclined Twist)

From a reclined position, draw your knees towards your chest. Keep legs together or cross your right leg over top of the left with the inner thighs squeezing. Spread arms out at shoulder height with palms touching the floor. Inhale at centre, exhale let the legs fall to the left, gaze to the right. Rotation happens in the lower-back and mid-back as you keep the shoulders and upper back grounded. Hold for a few breaths and repeat on the other side.

Finish off with Viparita Karani (Legs up the Wall), Balasana (Child's Pose), Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog), and Savasana (Corpse's Pose).

BONUS: Repeat any of these self-loving mantras for the duration of each pose and/or during your meditation:

"I love myself right now, exactly as I am"

"I will take care of myself first"

"I am worthy and deserving"

Thanks for taking the time to take care of your health, after all nobody else is going to do it for you! ;) Enjoy your new found energy and glow!



Liz Stark   •   January 7, 2013

Thank you, Michelle, for sharing these yoga poses - and thank you, Joy, for posting them! :) I can attest that twisting poses really do work and help the body feel better and refreshed.

Joy McCarthy   •   January 7, 2013

christine   •   January 7, 2013

michelle - LOVE this! thanks for the tips! xo Christine


Detox Foot Patch   •   January 8, 2013

Yoga is really a good exercise. It makes a person physically and mentally fit whole day.


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Michelle Vogiatzis   •   January 10, 2013

My pleasure Liz! :) Twists feel so good, wringing out all of the bad stuff and increasing the flow of oxygen and blood to our organs. So invigorating! Thanks for your comment!


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Kundalini Yoga Workshops   •   April 4, 2013

this is really great post and great information about various asanas. thanks for sharing this information. i will keep visiting this blog for more yoga related information.


Catherine   •   May 2, 2013

Thank you! I found this post on pinterest and can't wait to check out the rest of the program! I do yoga 5 days a week, and have felt so much more energized and happy since I started! I love these poses for twisting and and mantras as well. Where did you get the yoga pants from the pictures? I've been searching for some new bright ones! Thanks again!

Joy McCarthy   •   May 3, 2013

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Petra Joost   •   April 15, 2014

Yoga is really beneficial to health whether it is any of form of yoga. I have done with yoga and improved myself to a good extent and hence decided to encourge people to do so, so give classes for yoga I have read your article on it and it is just superb. Thanks for sharing.


Niki   •   February 18, 2015

Love this! I've never seen a post including this kind of information. I knew that twisting poses were good to get things moving but now I know which particular ones! Thanks :)


Babakan Berenaliev   •   October 14, 2015

I love your detox postures. They seem to appear really helpful. Thanks a lot!

Kate McDonald Walker   •   October 15, 2015

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