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My Favourite Non-Toxic Facial Products

Hi joyous readers,Due to the popularity of my What's In My Make-up Bag video and all the questions I get on beauty products I knew it was time for a new vid
May 31, 2015 | Joy McCarthy

Hi joyous readers,

Due to the popularity of my, what's in my makeup bag video, and all the questions I get on beauty products I knew it was time for a new video on facial products that I love.

The key difference with the products I mention in my video is that they are toxin-free and any chemical they do contain is completely harmless. These are products that truly nourish your skin without the use of harsh chemicals or toxins such as:

  • Parabens: Associated with allergies, infertility, immune system toxicant and endocrine disruption
  • Phthalates: Linked to allergies, asthma, reproductive and developmental toxicant, endocrine disruption
  • Artificial fragrances: Allergies, endocrine disruption* and potential environmental contaminant
  • And that's not all... Learn more about chemicals in cosmetics here or on page 81 of my book, Joyous Health.

By the way, when I refer to the “endrocine disruption” what I mean by that is there are literally hundreds upon hundreds of chemicals that can disrupt or “mess” with our hormonal system. The endocrine system is a collection of glands (thyroid, adrenals, ovaries, pineal etc) that produce hormones that regulate reproductive function, sexual function, sleep, mood, metabolism and so on. You can learn about 12 Hormone Altering Chemicals that are found in products beyond just personal care.

Here is the video and I will list out links to all the products below:

I really want you to feel well-informed when shopping for products to use on your face. After watching this video, you can visit a great website run by the Environmental Working Group called SKIN DEEP. Simply type in the search area any product and it will give you a rating of 1 to 10. 10 being severely toxic and associated with many health problems and 1 being safe. I personally avoid products over 3 or 4, but for the most part all my products are a 0 or 1. You will notice many very popular brands of sunblocks top of the list of very toxic.

If you spend a lot of time outside in the sun or you have little ones, I highly recommend you read all 3 of these posts on sunscreen on joyous health. You will be pleased to know there are many safe and clean brands of sunscreen you can use that are very affordable! Green Beaver has a kid's sunblock that I highly recommend.

Here are the products I mention in my video:

Please keep in mind I am not an esthetician so it's important to talk to an expert on your skin needs. I recommend these products because they are clean and they work for me. However, each brand will have other products that may be better suited to your skin than mine. My skin is more prone to dryness. However, certain products in the past have definitely made me break out if they are too heavy.

I do not have any financial ties to these brands and do not make any monetary gains from recommending them.

So we've got your face covered with some great options above, but what about natural beauty products for your body? All of the Joyous Natural Beauty Essentials, from my Smooth Like Body Butta, to Natural Deodorant and more are completely clean and toxin-free.

Learn more about the entire lineup here.

I hope you enjoyed my video! Keep the questions coming because these types of videos are always inspired by your great questions.

Have a joyous day!


May 31, 2015 BY Joy McCarthy
Clare   •   May 31, 2015

Hi Joy, Lovely video. I was just wondering if you knew of any Australian based product lines I should be looking toward for skincare? I just know that many natural skincare ingredients should be sourced 'locally' as they can have shorter shelf lives/don't travel so well. If you aren't aware of any, do you have any recommendations for holistic nutritionists like yourself in Australia who may be able to share some knowledge with me? Thanks, Clare

Kate McDonald Walker   •   June 1, 2015
Jennifer Freitas   •   June 2, 2015

Beth johnson   •   June 3, 2015

I use Eminence Organics Strawberry Rhubarb Hyaluronic Serum all the time! It's one of my favourites, it has really evened out my skin tone.


Seanna Cohen   •   June 4, 2015

Great lineup! I'm a huge fan of Consonant products and the Eminence Strawberry Rhubarb Serum did wonders for getting my winter-ravaged skin back to healthy and hydrated!


Diane   •   July 2, 2015

Hi Joy, I'm wondering which products are particularly good for pregnant women who have issues with acne? I use witch hazel for toner, but I'm wondering for facial cleansing and more importantly for a spot treatment. I have read that salicylic acid and all the other typical ingredients in acne creams are potentially harmful. Any non-toxic suggestions that you recommend? Thanks, Diane

Joy McCarthy   •   July 2, 2015

Caroline Singh   •   August 26, 2015

Hi Joy! Thanks so much for all your info on facial products! I love reading about new things and ways to take care of the body. I wanted to ask about a couple of brands. The first is Eminence Organics: I've heard lots of good things about their line, but I think it may not be a good match for my face. Could that be just that specific product or the entire line? I had used the serum (which was pretty plastic-y on my face) and one of their face creams. The other question I wanted to ask was about Arbonne: I don't support this company because I'm not sure of the ingredients in it. I'm not interested in using it for that fact, but people keep asking me why and I'm having trouble finding my facts! lol. I thought you had an article/blog written about it, but I can't seem to find it. Hope your pregnancy is going well! Thanks, Caroline

Kate McDonald Walker   •   August 27, 2015

Bronwyn   •   November 4, 2015

Hi Joy - thanks so much for this post! I was wondering if you had ever heard of Envrion? They claim to be all natural, but the facials sounds quite intense. I'd be curious to know if you have heard of them & what your thoughts are. Many thanks!

Kate McDonald Walker   •   November 4, 2015

christine   •   December 18, 2015

Hi Joy I was wondering if these products are safe for pregnant women? I bought the Consonant moisturizer but I am afraid to use it. I am currently 21 weeks pregnant and my skin is very dry :(


Mina Khaliq   •   April 24, 2016

Hey, i wanted to know if Penny lane organics calendula sensitive is recommended to sensitive blemish prone skin?

Joy McCarthy   •   April 24, 2016

Manuela   •   March 24, 2017

Hi, can you please let me know where I can buy the Eminence products? I live in Oakville, Ontario. Thank you!

Rachel Molenda   •   March 27, 2017

michele   •   September 12, 2017

Hello, Thanks for the info I am all about natural products! I am really interested in trying the eminence strawberry rhubarb hyaluronic serum but after some research on ingredients I found it contains hydrolyzed wheat protein and I have a gluten intolerance so I was wondering if it is still safe for me to use, what are your thoughts on that? Thanks, Michele

Joy McCarthy   •   September 14, 2017

Karyn   •   November 7, 2017

Hi Joy! I too have fair and dry skin and I've been using Penny Lane Organics' Cleansing Milk

Rachel Molenda   •   November 8, 2017

Karyn   •   November 8, 2017

Hi Rachel, I see that my comment got cut off.... I do notice a big difference in the redness I would usually get after washing my face. My cheeks would feel tight, dry and leave an uneven tone, but with Penny Lane Organics Cleansing milk, my skin feels clean, soft and without any redness. For anyone with fair skin who tends to get red after washing their face I would highly recommend testing out this product. Now with our Canadian winter on the way, I'm looking forward to testing out the Penny Lane Organics Sensitive Skin Serum :) Thanks for sharing these products!

Rachel Molenda   •   November 9, 2017

Gold Skin Care Center   •   June 7, 2018

Well!! you write a very nice blog. It is very helpful for the people. I really like it. Thank you for sharing with us.

Rachel Molenda   •   June 7, 2018

Sirusace   •   December 4, 2019

Are you still using any of these products in the year 2019?

Joy McCarthy   •   December 5, 2019

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