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DIY: Refreshing Lemon Salt Body Scrub

Jul 3, 2015 BY Joy McCarthy

Clean and non-toxic personal care products are super important to me and if you're a regular reader here at Joyous Health, I hope they are to you too! This is why I created this lemon and oil of your choice.

Dirty Dozen , you don't have to.

Natural Solutions for Dry Skin.

For more DIY recipes check out:

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Have a joyous day!


ps. Here are the resources I mentioned above:

Environmental Defence

Environmental Working Group

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

Jul 3, 2015 BY Joy McCarthy
Ellana   •   July 15, 2015

Hello Joy It's a wonderful sunny day to begin making some positive changes. I am 69 years of age & have been blessed with nice skin from my mother's genes. However, I am noticing that it is losing its glow. Not afraid of getting older, but would like to retain the luster that my Mom retained up until she passed away very recently at 101 years young. Mom used expensive creams & lotions which probably weren't necessary, as my aunt who is 98 has the same beautiful skin and uses vaseline. Can you reccomend some positive changes for my aging skin that are gentle & kind & healthy? Congratulations to you & hubby on your upcoming bundle of joy. Thank you.


Kristin   •   August 3, 2015

Joy do you refrigerate the scrub or just as long as it's sealed in a jar you can leave it out? This sounds exactly like the type of scrub I've been looking for!

Kate McDonald Walker   •   August 3, 2015

Hi Kristin, It's going to depend on how heat-stable the oil you use is. Since things get pretty steamy in my bathroom, I usually keep all my DIY beauty products in the fridge, just to be safe. Kate - Joyous Health Team

Lisa   •   June 23, 2016

The DIY body scrub was soooooo easy to make! I used coconut oil and Mediterranean Sea Salt as I didn't have Himilayan. Smells so good and can't wait to go into the shower!

Heather Allen   •   June 24, 2016

Awesome! So glad you enjoyed it, Lisa! Heather- Joyous Health Team

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