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What's in my freezer?

I hope you enjoyed last week's video tour through my fridge. This week's video is a tour through my miniature freezer. I will definitely have to do this aga
Aug 27, 2015 | Joy McCarthy

I hope you enjoyed last week's video tour through my fridge . This week's video is a tour through my miniature freezer. I will definitely have to do this again once Walker and I move in the fall to our new place in High Park because we will have a normal size fridge and freezer to fit lots of joyous goodness!

Here's a summary of what's in my freezer:

Nuts and seeds. As you noticed from my fridge I also keep nuts and seeds in my freezer. The nuts and seeds I'm not using right away I store in the freezer to keep them fresher longer. I always keep pecans and cashews in the freezer as they are my favourite for coconut flour , organic stone-ground spelt flour and buckwheat flour . I always have almond flour (which is essentially ground almonds) for a last minute pizza -- have you tried my Best Ever Pizza Crust?

Breads. I love toast and I despise wasting food! So I always freeze bread when I buy it. We just pop it directly in the toaster and never have bread going moldy. Any baguettes we purchase don't last long enough to worry about freshness because Walker's middle name is "baguette", hehehe!

Frozen Treats. Of course I had Hooked for sustainable fish.

Frozen fruits and veggies. I always keep frozen fruit stocked in my freezer for smoothies and to enjoy with granola or porridge. Of course I prefer fresh, but fresh is not always available organic. Same with veggies, I always have a least two bags of different veggies, right now I have broccoli and kale. I find this really helps us with last minute meals if we don't have fresh on hand.

Here's my video:

Over the next 10 days, I will be making a whole bunch of recipes to freeze because I'm due in less than 2 weeks (that is... if she makes an appearance near my due date). I won't be holding my breath! She will come when the time is right. I will show you what I make over my instagram feed, so be sure to follow me there. I've also been posting more live videos on Periscope, so you can find me if you search Joy McCarthy.

Next week I will post a tour through my kitchen pantry!

I hope you enjoyed this vid. Tell me what do you stock in your fridge?

Have a joyous day!


Aug 27, 2015 BY Joy McCarthy
Liz S.   •   August 27, 2015

I'm especially pleased to see the Coconut Bliss brand of ice cream in there :)


Sarah @ Seriously Lovely   •   August 28, 2015

Thanks for sharing these video tours! I also keep nuts in the freezer and love how long they stay fresh, I'll have to try keeping flours in there as well.


Sandra   •   September 16, 2015

That's great to see, thanks for sharing!!!


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