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Consonant Skincare - Skin Transformation Trio

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The Skin Transformation Trio is the perfect skin-care starter kit and includes some of my favourite Consonant products.

The DHE Mask is one product I use at least once a week when I feel like my face needs some nourishment and brightening! It’s super hydrating, cooling to the face (which naturally reduces puffiness), amazing at preventing breakouts and removing impurities. It also encourages your skin to better detox by gently exfoliating dead skin cells and allowing the pores to open up and breathe.

The Natural Foaming Face Wash leaves my face feeling SO pure without stripping the natural oils on my skin. I prefer it when my skin is more oily (like in the Summer), but you can definitely use it year-round, especially if you have combination to oily skin.

The Ultra Moisturizing Organic Face Cream is exactly what it sounds like - a luxe, rich, moisturizing cream.


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