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JHP05: My Natural Pregnancy & Birthing Story

Bringing Vienna into this world was no small task but it was the most magical and insane experience I've ever faced.
May 29, 2019 | Joy McCarthy

Giving birth to our daughter Vienna was the greatest accomplishment of my life so far. In episode 5 of the Joyous Health Podcast, Walker and I dig deep and give you the play by play of bringing Vienna into this world. 

To paraphrase a quote from an amazing book called Birthing from Within, it's work, it's gonna hurt but it will be worth it. I never knew how much my mom loved me until I had a child of my own :) The photo below is about two hours after giving birth. I've never been so tired, so relieved and so happy at the same time. I think Walker and I sobbed more than Vienna when she was born, but more on that in the podcast!

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Not all birth stories are negative or "horror stories"
  • Our positive birth story
  • Why we chose to find out Vienna's sex before she was born 
  • The connection between The Ritz Carlton and Vienna's birth
  • How ACDC was involved with my water breaking
  • Why we chose not to give birth at home (and chose the Toronto Birthing Centre instead)
  • How we felt while labouring at home 
  • Our birthing centre experience 
  • "It's work, it's gonna hurt – but it's worth it"
  • Natural pain relief methods I used during childbirth, including tens machine and hip squeezes
  • What helped me get through the pain of childbirth 
  • How I felt the moment I had Vienna in my arms 
  • The time warp that is childbirth 
  • My thoughts on men who have issues looking at their wife's vagina while giving birth 
  • My take on the antibiotic eyewash
  • The Vitamin K Shot – and why I wish Vienna didn't have it
  • What six weeks postpartum looked like
  • My challenges with breastfeeding
  • Birthing affirmations that helped me during childbirth 
  • Why you should take each person's birthing story with a grain of salt 

It was so fun to re-live this incredibly insane and magical experience with Walker and to share it with you, my Joyous community! I hope you enjoyed this episode and if you did, please leave a rating and review on iTunes. If you know someone that could benefit from hearing a positive birth story, please share this with them! 


I've put together a list of resources below as well that you can turn to for support if you are pregnant or if you are post-partum, there are a ton of great resources on the blog as well including Post-Labour Recovery Remedies , Natural Solutions for Breastfeeding Challenges (from 3 Mama Experts) , Post-Partum Depression and How I Learned To Love My Post-Partum Body.


Thank you for tuning in to yet another episode of the Joyous Health Podcast! If you have any comments or questions, please leave them in the comments below!

May 29, 2019 BY Joy McCarthy
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