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Overheard at Joyous Health: Joyous Shop Favourites

The Joyous Health team picks each of their favourite items in the shop, which recently welcomed two new items: dry shampoo in light and dark shades.
Aug 8, 2019 | Amanda Etty

When Joy had me pick my three favourite products from the Joyous Health Shop for my birthday, it didn’t take me very long to decide what I’d be bringing home. It got the team chatting about our favourite products in the shop, which recently welcomed two new items: dry shampoo in light and dark shades.

Here goes!


Joy and Vienna body butter

My skin doesnt go a day without my Smooth Like Butta body butter because it makes my skin so silky, soft and smooth. Every time I shower, I slather my body with it. It's the only thing Ive used to moisturize Vienna's body since she was born. I've even used it on her bum to prevent any diaper rash.

Dry Shampoo for dark hair

“When you have bangs as I do, dry shampoo is ESSENTIAL to prevent looking like a dirty greaseball without having to wash your hair every day. I just do a little sprinkle on my bangs when they are looking a little oily and it gives them really great volume, too! Plus, it’s a total time saver.” You can check out how to use dry shampoo and why you'll LOVE it here!



Citrus deodorant stick

“Joy doesn’t like it when I smell, so that's why I’ve gotta keep my pits stink-free with our citrus deodorant. It’s my go-to scent because it's fresh, not overpowering.”


Rise and Shine tea

“As a lover of tea—I drink it all year round, and never iced—the whole experience of holding a hot cuppa is the key to my happiness. The Rise and Shine tea (a staple in my cupboard for almost a year) have the perfect blend of spices ready to warm you up to the day ahead, and this is coming from a night owl! I like to steep this tea a bit longer than stated for optimal richness and to get all the benefits and flavours of the spices like turmeric, ginger and my favourite, cardamom. All you need to complete this perfect cup is a scone with apricot jam.” You have to try the Rise and Shine latte (pictured above) – it's creamy and full of flavour!


Joyous Health lavender Shampoo

“This is the only Shampoo and Conditioner I’ve used since it launched in Spring 2018! The Shampoo is incredible and leaves your hair feeling squeaky clean and voluminous (not to be misinterpreted as poofy!). The conditioner is incredibly moisturizing and a little bit really goes a long way to bring dry ends back to life and to detangle any knots in your hair. I’ve tried many natural shampoo and conditioner alternatives and I will always come back to these!” Have you tried the Natural Haircare Challenge? It’s free and starts every Sunday—it’s the best way to do a hair detox. 



This all-natural deodorant is THE BEST! I admittedly hadn’t tried it before starting at Joyous Health, but now I’m hooked. When I made it through a very sweaty class without stinking—I was sold. That said, I don’t seem to be sensitive to the baking soda, which is the active ingredient. If you are, I’d go for the Citrus Deodorant Stick, which is super fresh-smelling. I use this when it’s been a long day and I need to freshen up.

I'll echo Carol on this one—Rise and Shine is hands-down my favourite herbal tea ever. I vividly remember the first time Rachel made me a cup and I became instantly obsessed! I think I’ve made this tea every single day since. Despite its name, I’ve been into making Rise and Shine tea lattes with coconut milk in the evening (it's decaf). The smell instantly relaxes me.

That’s it—the Joyous Health team’s favourite Joyous products. We’d love to know, what are yours? Please share in the comments below.

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