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6 Family Rituals to Stay Healthy and Connected

Rituals, health habits or traditions -- whatever you want to call them, these are important habits that we are committed to as a family.
Sep 8, 2020 | Joy McCarthy

This video was so fun to put together because it's not very often that we get to do it as a family. That's because Walker is always behind the camera. This time we set up the camera on a tripod and hit record to share our six family rituals. (Story behind the photo below...)

McJordan Family

Rituals, health habits or traditions -- whatever you want to call them, these are important habits that we are committed to as a family. It is not about perfection however, it's about taking positive steps each day to ensure that we care for each other's wellness, and we make ita priority as a family. 

Here's the video.

That photo makes me LOL because Vienna doesn't really realize she is now nearly 40lbs and jumped right on to Walker's lap and ahem... man parts! haha!

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Here's a super quick summary of our family rituals

1. Movement: We walk as often as possible -- to go grocery shopping , random errands, to our local indie coffee shop, to get Walker and V a croissant! We make movement part of every day. Sometimes that means an Obe workout for me , other days it's getting my 10,000 steps. 

2. Downtime: This means quiet time -- whether it's napping, reading a book or for me, practising meditation. 

3. Nature: We get a dose of nature every single day. Which includes watering the flowers and caring for our herbs in our urban garden , walking or biking in our favourite green space in Toronto, High Park. 

4. Eating together: Togetherness is super important to me. I grew up having a family tradition of eating at least one meal together as a family so that is something that we've made a priority. Vienna loves grabbing an affirmation card for us to read together and talk about. It's a great conversation starter. 

5. Storytime: Since Vienna was born we read three books to her at bedtime. We established this routine when she was a baby and it's something we both look forward to because every 2 nights one of us gets the night off! Meaning, Walker does the bedtime routine with Vienna 2 nights and then I do it 2 nights. 

6. Natural Health Supplements: Aside from eating yummy and nourishing food, we all take natural health supplements. As you might well know, Vienna takes the kid's line from Genuine Health which includes a probiotic, fish oil (it has vitamin D in it) and a gut superfoods powder (22 organic and fermented superfoods) and Walker and I take supplements as well. 

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What are your family rituals?

Thanks for watching and I hope to learn what rituals you have. Whether you have a family or not, rituals are important for your well-being and self-care. Most of these rituals, excluding story time were a part of my life before we had a family. 

Have a great week!

Joy xo

Nina   •   September 8, 2020

Can you please share the supplements all of you take? Thank you

Joy McCarthy   •   September 9, 2020

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