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Baked Chicken Wings and Sweet Potato Wedges

Think chicken wings and potato wedges can’t be part of a healthy diet? Think again! They absolutely can.
Nov 8, 2021 | Joy McCarthy

Wing and wedges might not seem like something a health-minded person like you or I might eat but the reality is they have been given a bad rep, unfairly! Sure, your local pub wings are likely deep fried in rancid vegetable oil and drowned in food-dyes and sugary sauce with non-food ingredients galore. But... and there's a big but here, if you make them yourself in the oven, they are - dare I say - just as tasty if not better (IMO) and far better for you (that's a fact).

These chicken wings are far tastier than the frozen ones at the grocery store and way healthier for you too!


These wings and wedges first made their appearance in our online program 21 Days to Joyous Health (coming back in 2022!) program and they were an instant hit. Participants were like "Wait, what?! Wings and wedges are joyous health approved?" They sure are. I make this easy sheet pan meal for my family on the regular. If there are leftovers, I put them both in my daughter's lunch box the next day (yep they are cold) and she gobbles them up. I like to reheat them in the oven myself and enjoy with this Juicy + Crunchy Kale Salad.

Kale Salad

The seasoning for these wedges is simple: garlic powder, dried rosemary, salt and pepper, and to continue the simplicity, I reco you do the same thing for the sweet potato wedges! You've probably already tried my Rosemary Sweet Potato Wedges right? Then you already know how delicious these wedges are.

Chicken wings and sweet potato

Here's the recipe for the wings and the wedges.

 Baked Chicken Wings & Sweet Potato Wedges

If you don’t want to eat the skin (although that’s the tastiest part) you can peel it off. These are far different than the wings in the frozen section of the grocery store that you pop in the oven. If you love this comfort food recipe, then you'll also love the McJordan Family Pizza Crust. We make it on the regular too.


As always, if you love these, please share your creations on Instagram and tag me @joyoushealth.

Have a joyous week!
Joy xo

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