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Ep. 78: A Simplified Approach to Natural Health with Stewart Brown, Founder of Genuine Health

In this episode Stewart discusses how he got started working in the natural health field and shares the simple pillars of health you can use to create a life of vitality and wellness!
Jul 12, 2022 | Joy McCarthy

This week, Joy and Walker chat with Stewart Brown, founder of the amazing, research-back supplement company Genuine Health. He has been in the natural health and supplement industry since he was 16 years old and cannot imagine anything more important that he could have dedicated his life's work to. He knows his company has the opportunity to change people’s lives every day, and he takes that responsibility very seriously. He is passionate about looking at the latest research in nutritional science to drive innovation in their products so that you can live a life of vibrancy and vitality!

Genuine Health Stewart Brown Joyous Health Podcast Interview

In this episode Stewart discusses how he got started working in the natural health field and how that led him to open his own health food store in the mid 80s in the heart of the LGBT community in Toronto. Shortly after, the HIV crisis hit and his store, Supplements Plus, was in the heart of the epidemic. You’ll learn how this experience eventually led to the creation of Genuine Health and his passion for educating people on the simple pillars of wellness that create a foundation for lasting health. After listening to this episode you will feel inspired to make small, lasting changes so you can live your healthiest and happiest life!

If you’ve been looking to kickstart your own healthy habits and incorporate more nutrient density into your diet, you won’t want to miss this episode! So grab your favourite cup of iced tea, settle in with your notebook, and get ready to learn how to thrive!


Episode Highlights:

  • Stewart’s introduction to natural health and how he got interested in this field as a teen.
  • How the industry has evolved in the last 40 years.
  • The issues he had navigating the traditional healthcare system as a teenager.
  • How the world of natural health helped him discover the root cause of his health issues.
  • The importance of treating the root cause of your issues and not the symptoms to achieve optimal health.
  • Stewart’s experience running a health food store in the LGBT community in the 80s during the midst of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.
  • How his store became a refuge for the community at this time.
  • His experience working with the AIDS Committee of Toronto.
  • The importance of being educated on the supplements and products you use to get the results you are looking for.
  • What inspired him to create a line of products that make a difference in people’s health.
  • Stewart’s absolute favourite part of the natural health industry.
  • The interesting history and development of greens+
  • How sugar can impact mood.
  • Why we need to build a strong foundation of nutrition, movement, and love for health.
  • The importance of simplifying, not complicating, our approach to health.
  • How Stewart transitioned from health food store owner to developing and selling supplements.
  • The research done at U of T behind why greens+ makes people feel so amazing.
  • How the polyphenols in greens+ help with bone growth.
  • The importance of eating the rainbow.
  • Health hacks to help balance blood sugar.
  • How exercise, yoga, and meditation help Stewart stay calm while running a highly successful company, Genuine Health.
  • Why some doctors are starting to recommend nature therapy to their patients.
  • How Genuine Health grew from 2 superpowered products to over 80!
  • The power of polyphenols, long chain fatty acids, and probiotics for health and vitality.
  • Why quality and human connection are the drivers of all Stewart’s business decisions.
  • How he creates products to fill gaps within the market.
  • The way a nutrient rich diet + probiotics impact children’s health and wellbeing.
  • How soil microbes are great for human health.

Stewart Brown Joyous Health Podcast Natural Health


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