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5 Ways to Kick Negative Thoughts to the Curb

Tonight is the first class of Eat Well Feel Well Detox which is a 4-week course Michelle and I have created for graduates of our ever-popular Eat Well Feel
Nov 6, 2012 | Joy McCarthy

Tonight is the first class of Eat Well Feel Well Detox which is a 4-week course Michelle and I have created for graduates of our ever-popular Eat Well Feel Well program that we've been running for almost 3 years now. In tonight's class, I will be speaking about detoxing the mind and one area, in particular, is to clear the mind of negative thought patterns.

So here are five ways to do just that!

1. Acknowledge those pesky thoughts and move on

If you find yourself falling into a trap of thinking negative thoughts over and over again or you are always complaining about it to another person it's high time you took control of your thoughts and moved on.

So take out your pen and paper right now and do a "brain dump". Write a FULL page without lifting your pen from your paper of ALL the thoughts that are taking up space in your mind that you do not wish to be there. After you are done, take this piece of paper and either burn it (safely please) or tear it up into tiny shreds and toss it out.

2. Spend more time with positive people

Who you spend time with is who you become. Your social circle and your significant other have an incredible impact on who you become. If you are around negative, critical and unhappy people all the time guess what will happen to you? You will become negative, critical and unhappy.

Relationships are extremely powerful. So surround yourself with people you admire, respect and share the same similar values and life goals. You will be amazed at how this can change your life in a positive manner.

3. You have the power to choose pain and suffering or joy and laughter

My last post about the Science of Happiness very clearly explains how it is our very thoughts that create our life. We choose whether we want to be happy. It is our choice to look at the glass as half full or half empty. Remember, optimism is a choice. Choose your thoughts wisely.

4. Be Authentic

Around this time last year I wrote a post: Authenticity Promotes Health & Happiness. If you haven't already done so, please read it. :) When you are authentic with others, this clears your mind of clutter and promotes a healthy spirit.

5. Make peace with your body

Accept and love yourself precisely where you are, right now. If you are constantly beating yourself up about a little jiggle wiggle or a wrinkle here and there, this will promote stress and unhappiness in your body, mind, and spirit. You've got to be your own best cheerleader! So make peace with your body and here are 7 ways to do just that!

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Be joyous,


Nov 6, 2012 BY Joy McCarthy
dot drug testing consortium   •   November 7, 2012

Hi there! Thanks for sharing your views.

Joy McCarthy   •   November 7, 2012

BeeVoice   •   May 29, 2017

very nice article, really helful, is there any chance we can get access ot the articles in the links? cause they are not available anymore.. many many thanks

Rachel Molenda   •   June 2, 2017

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