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Joyous Baby: Vienna's Second Month

I can't believe that eight weeks has gone by since Vienna was born. It's funny how sometimes it feels like time is standing still but then I blink and Vienn
Nov 3, 2015 | Joy McCarthy

I can't believe that eight weeks has gone by since Vienna was born . It's funny how sometimes it feels like time is standing still but then I blink and Vienna is two months old already. I promised in my lastpost at 4 weeks to write a monthly update, so here's what we've been up to!

As I mentioned in Vienna's one month update, my biggest struggle in the beginning was breastfeeding (aka bf'ing). It took me a solid six weeks to feel like Vienna and I knew what we were doing. While the bf'ing isn't perfect yet, it certainly doesn't feel like my nips are being butchered anymore -- hurray! Oh and lady part recovery is pretty much behind me now too (in case you were wondered how my vag and I are doing hahaha) ! But I haven't resumed a regular exercise regime yet. We've been going for lots of walks with Good Day Breakfast Cookies. 

I got a 4.5hr chunk of sleep! As you might well know if you've got little ones, sleep doesn't really happen much the first six months and for some mamas even longer. So a highlight for us was that a few times now Vienna has slept 4.5 hours straight at night. I feel like a new person when this happens. However, I got a clogged milk duct and have been dealing with that for the last couple of days which means more frequent feedings and not so much sleep.


The sweet look in her eyes. Vienna is looking at Walker and I like she knows us now. This was a very obvious development. It totally makes me melt every time she looks at me because it's the most loving look I've ever seen.

I love our mornings together. She laughs and smiles at lot... especially in the morning. I wake her up at 8am, feed her. Then I eat breakfast which these days is always a smoothie and then maybe some toast with almond butter if I'm lucky. Then I put her on the play mat, then we have tummy time -- two hours goes by and then she's ready for a nap. I feel like we are getting into a nice routine of feeding, playtime and then naptime. Evenings are still a bit of a crapshoot, but we are working on that.

Walker and I had a date on Halloween! And he will probably make a joke that this was my last highlight LOL. But it was an amazing two hours to have adult time with my loves. We went to Frank, a restaurant at the AGO and had brunch while my parents looked after Vienna. I think having alone time with your partner is pretty darn important.

Here are some of Walker's thoughts:

I can't believe our date was the last highlight...damn baby's stealing my spotlight!

I GOT THIS! ...I don't got this. While I'm pretty easy going, I'm definitely a creature of habit in some respects. I like routines, I like getting into a rhythm and I like the familiarity of certain daily activities. Vienna seems to know this about me because she uses it as a means of playing mean tricks on me. Every time I think we've established any sort of routine, Vienna decides to change it up. It takes me from the highs of "I GOT THIS!" to the reality of "nope, not even close".

Baby wearing makes me sweaty. I don't know if all babies are like this, but wearing Vienna is like strapping a coal furnace to my chest. How can such a small body create so much heat?!?

Oh. Joy and I went for lunch somewhere, no big deal...

Back to Joy's thoughts...

One final thought I want to share is that I'm loving mama-hood so much. I feel like I was born to do this. I've always felt this way and now I can finally live it. And I'm very grateful for Vienna especially considering all my hormonal troubles I had in my twenties. I honestly thought back then that I wouldn't be able to have a child. She is truly the joy of my life (you are too Walker!).

Have a joyous day!



Nov 3, 2015 BY Joy McCarthy
Judy Hill   •   November 3, 2015

Aw! Such a dear wee face! She is gorgeous like her momma. And look at you, never know you had a baby eight weeks ago. Proves healthy living gives healthy bodies that can just bounce back. Enjoy all your time with Vienna as the time goes so fast. Thanks for sharing such important moments with all of us.

Joy McCarthy   •   November 3, 2015

Joyce   •   November 4, 2015

Congratulations on you being a new mother. Your baby girl is so darling! Love reading your stories!

Joy McCarthy   •   November 9, 2015

Joanne Goodman   •   November 4, 2015

OMG!!! Our precious little treasures always know how to test us!!! I don't how they know this at such a young age! Just so you know it never ends, lol!!! She sure has a beautiful face!!! She looks like a very happy baby! We, my husband & I enjoy your updates! Thanks for sharing your adventures!!


Say No to Shingles   •   November 6, 2015

Thanks for sharing your lovely notes on your journey with your baby. I have always find babies as truly adorable, and I agree they grow up so fast. There's nothing like being there during your baby's milestones. It makes motherhood really rewarding.


Meghan   •   November 6, 2015

This is so sweet and it's wonderful to be able to learn from you, and refreshing to see someone celebrate the goodness and the challenges with such positivity and honesty.


Mel   •   November 6, 2015

Love it. You are now in the best part of the city to raise kids! I agree - baby wearing is a sweaty affair - especially if you vacuum at the same time ! I didn't know this until after I started baby wearing (which I don't do too often now because Levi is getting bigger and I got smaller!) but it's best not to have her in a sleeper with the enclosed feet when you baby wear with her legs dangling out . If you are inside- a onesie is perfect


Patrushka Russo   •   November 8, 2015

Loving your lovely, honest, joyful shares. xxoo Walker, your humour is killer! Joy and Princessa look like pro models in every picture, and Walker, it's just not fair for a guy to have such great curls, BAH!!!!

Kate McDonald Walker   •   November 9, 2015

Khava   •   November 9, 2015

Hi Joy and Walker! What a wonderful update! She is so, SO adorable :D. I wish you all the blessings and joy in the world and I hope that your days are filled with happiness with your new little one......and more sleep, too ;). And yes, I have heard that babies have a tendency to radiate heat that makes you sweat like crazy! I have also heard of some mothers who get huge red marks on their chests from where the baby was Thank you for sharing your cute, little shayna punum (Yiddish for "pretty face") with all of us :D. Khava


Nichola Reid   •   November 10, 2015

I love reading your updates. You and Walker have a such a great outlook on parenthood. Celebrate everything, time flies by. Vienna is a little doll.


Nora   •   November 26, 2015

This was so lovely to read! I just looked through our baby pictures last night and time flies by SO fast! It's incredible. Now my girl is 15 months old, walking, still nursing a lot and never sleeping for more than 4 hours in one go. It's crazy, it's exhausting and I'm loving every second of it! Well, at least 99% ;) We figured out baby-wearing about six weeks in, and it was an absolute game-changer. It's so good when they have a tummy ache! Your little bean is the cutest, and I love the positivity you radiate. Not every new mom manages to pull off such a great attitude!


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