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Strawberry Beet Detox Juice

This naturally sweet juice is packed with vitamin C and detoxifying compounds!
Jul 1, 2016 | Joy McCarthy

When I was developing recipes for my second book, Joyous Detox, I came across a very lovely combination: beets and strawberries. If you've tried my Beet Strawberry Muffins, you are well aware of this delicious marriage of two super nutritious foods! If you haven't had these foods together, then now is the time to try it out in this incredibly nourishing and yummy juice!

Strawberries are grown locally across North America and many parts of Europe, so it's highly likely they are at your farmers market right now.


I always choose organic strawberries to reduce my exposure to pesticides, especially because now I'm also giving them to Vienna. She loves strawberries. In fact, while we were filming this recipe video (scroll down to see video), I gave her a bunch of cut-up strawberries and she was quiet as a mouse. Mind you, I like when she is chattering with me in the background. like when we filmed the Dry Shampoo video.

Strawberries are rich in vitamin C, which has many benefits:

  • It is skin beautifying and prevents premature aging of your skin
  • It aids in detoxification by protecting your liver
  • It helps your immune system work more effectively by supporting phagocytes and T-cells
  • It increases the absorption of iron (beets are a source of non-heme iron)

Keep in mind, strawberries lose about half of their vitamin C within a couple of days after they've been picked, making it even more important to buy them super fresh from a farmer's markets.


They are also rich in a phytonutrient called ellagic acid. This nutrient suppresses the growth of cancer cells. 

Because they are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, strawberries promote eye health and cardiovascular health by lowering c-reactive protein. 

The reason I called this a "detox" juice is because both strawberries and beets support detoxification because they are beneficial for liver health.

Here's the recipe video and a printable version of the recipe is below:

I hope you enjoyed watching the recipe video. I know I talk really fast, so if you didn't catch my point about liver detox I mentioned that beets support phase 2 liver detoxification. This means they help your liver better eliminate pharmaceutical drugs, hormones and other toxic waste. I talk about this in greater details (plus so much more!) in my online program, Joyous Detox Online. Detoxing aside, this juice is DELICIOUS!!

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  • 2 medium-sized beets
  • 1 cup strawberries
  • Chunk of ginger
  • Half a cucumber
  1. Place ingredients one by one through your juicer. Enjoy immediately!

As mentioned in the printable recipe above, in order to get the most nutrition bang for your buck you want to drink this immediately. The enzymes die off pretty quick and it is simply not as nutritious even 30 minutes after making it. 

I hope this makes your liver smile with JOY!

Have a joyous weekend!


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